I added some missing extensions into the EXTENSIONS file
and some missing EXPERIMENTAL files into the extensions
which were marked as experimental.

So every author of those extensions should check that the
information in EXTENSIONS is correct. e.g. There were some missing
info about the primary maintainers.

BTW. Why does the satellite extension use --enable-satellite??
It does use external libraries which are not bundled with PHP.
IIRC the --enable-* configure option is meant to be used only
with such extensions?? (and satellite relies on some CVS version
of ORBit?)

Another thing: Would it be good idea to have the EXPERIMENTAL
text in configure help for such options? This could be automated
in the buildconf ie. it could check if the EXPERIMENTAL is in the
extension's dir and adds the text before/after the option in
the help display..? And maybe even a note after configure that
there are extensions configured in which are considered experimental
thus those might not work as expected.


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