On Wed, 24 Jan 2001, Boian Bonev wrote:

>of course. most people don't really bother to read even the configure
>output, i suppose 10% (or less) look into ext/extdir to find

That's true.

>another idea is to have an extension txt help file shown by configure with
>something like --help-extname or so.
>anyway these are bells and whistles - good to have but can live without.

One possibility might be to have same kind of notes as there are after
configure for example when you configure PHP to use the bundled MySQL
libs. Like this:

|                        *** WARNING ***                             |
|                                                                    |
| The extension FOOBAR is considered EXPERIMENTAL. Please check the  |
| ext/foobar/EXPERIMENTAL file for more information.                 |

This could be easily be automated by just having the EXPERIMENTAL file
in such extension dirs.


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