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have parse_str return would be certainly good; as a workaround you can use 

parse_str( $s , $a ) ;
if( 0 == count( $a ) ) {
   # problem

Previous Comments:

[2000-11-17 22:05:57] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

if (!false===parse_str($string))
        // all is happy
else    { 
        // Whoops! error handling... 


I would submit that to maintain the elegant conventions of PHP, it would be good to 
A) The number of variables parsed (I'll leave in your court how to handle counting the 
# of array variables parsed) 


B) false if the string was null, corrupt or "un-parsable". 

Currently, the only way to evaluate the success of this function is to know the last 
variable that is/should be in the input stream and check to see that THAT variable 
exists after running this function = less than optimum. 




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