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[2000-08-15 10:45:19] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
that possibly makes sense, you´ve currently no option but using eval() to transorm 
passed array args to an argument list...


[2000-07-04 15:02:07] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I am looking to use this with existing PHP functions, not user space ones.
Specifically I would like to use this with ibase_execute() for the bindings.
I am writting a little database wrapper and I need to be able to do...
$res=DB("select * from Foo where bar=?", $reallygeeky);
and that arg list is of variable length so I want to be able to do my custom stuff in 
DB() then toss the args in an array and call ibase_execute.
I have it working as it is, but it is ugly.  Right now I am building up eval() code 
and having it return the resource into a global var.  Its ugly :)
Would be much easier if I could just build up an array and call 
call_function("ibase_execute", $theargs);


[2000-07-04 10:36:23] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
What prevents you from doing:
$func(array("foo", "bar", "geek")) and opening that array in function?


[2000-07-04 04:53:47] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
$args=array("foo", "bar", "geek");
call_function("f", $args);

function f($f1, $f2, $f3) {
    echo "$f1 $f2 $f3";

Output: foo bar geek


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