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[2001-01-09 06:45:10] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
user feedback:
Regarding to case #7517, since we put the $conn->Affected_Rows() function after the 
commit statement, that why nothing return. If we put the Affected_rows() just after 
update/insert SQL Statement, it works. 

Manual is a bit ambiguous, as it says:

"Get number of affected rows in previous MySQL operation" - which would suggest 
affected rows of the _last_ operation will be returned, and "returns the number of 
rows affected by the last INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE query" - which would suggest it'll 
return affected rows of the last such query no matter what other types of queries 
follow it.

I've looked at the MySQL C API desc, and
"May be called immediately after mysql_query() for UPDATE, DELETE, or INSERT 

So it should be probably emphasized in the manual.


[2001-01-08 14:37:27] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Could you please provide a short script reproducing the behavior?


[2000-10-29 00:08:05] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

We are developing a application using mySQL 3.23.25
beta version with php 4.02. If we created a mysql table for
type=BDB (mean transaction processing supports), The
transaction handling begin/commit/rollback method is
work perfect except mysql_affected_rows function
doesn't return anything (always 0). Did you have a
same problem under this situation. Thank you in
advance for your assistance.

James Poon


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