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i think this bug is more confusing than the documentation.

Previous Comments:

[2000-10-03 07:49:36] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
SAPI simply means server api, there´s CGI,ISAPI,Apachemod etc. (just call phpinfo() 
and search for "server api")
and there are some specialities with each of them (eg. ISAPI does not support getenv() 
IIRC), but I don´t know if these issues are thoroughly documented

the varibles_order EGPCS should have no effect on your HTTP_*_VARS arrays, it only 
influences the global scope if register_globals=on, please check again if it really 
does matter which order you´re using and what are the effects

I can only advise you to read the whole manual and followe discussion on eg. 
[EMAIL PROTECTED] to be absolutely enlightened

maybe this topic needs some more documentation, moved to docu bug


[2000-10-03 07:35:03] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

That did give me most of variables I expected (though not in the array I expected them 
I had all of the arrays defined in my php.ini, but in a different order (GPCES instead 
of EGPCS). I lieu of a lenghty explaination here, could you point me to some 
documentation that would explain why the order of the array assignment would effect 
the results so dramatically and also a pointer to the "SAPI" protocol and it;s 

Again, THANX for the enlightenment!!


[2000-10-03 07:21:18] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
oops sorry, shouldn't have hit refresh


[2000-10-03 07:18:13] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Your script simply displayed exactly what I said above?


[2000-10-03 05:29:22] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
well, rely on! the variable you allowed in "variables_order" are present AND
depending on the SAPI you´re using some VARS are not available

if you´re using CGI, HTTP_SERVER_VARS will only contain PHP_SELF (most likely on 
using ApacheModule HTTP_SERVER_VARS will contain many more 


again, check your variables_order (to contain EGPCS) and keep in mind which SAPI 
you´re using

if there are still problems after that, this would qualify as bug


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