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now makes clear it does deflate compression. (examples would probably work with 
Content-Encoding: deflate specified for browsers that support deflate in addition to 

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[2000-10-11 09:36:54] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
See also #7033


[2000-09-26 23:56:52] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I realy think this should be in the manual (where you can find it easly), but also 
should have a fix/workaround
(i opened it again because i realy think this should be fixed, and that stuff about 
the crc doesn't look verry right to me either)

Greetz, tnx,


this did i got from Tyler Akins (thx for your effort and support)

Remember when I told you why gzcompress() doesn't work as it should if you
want to output compressed data?

[ I wrote ]
> I was checking out and found out
> why you are right.  :-)

Anyway, I wrote a lengthy note on the PHP page explaining how to get it to 
work properly for outputting compressed data to the client.  You might want to 
check it out.

Basically, it doesn't output the gzip header, it doesn't output a proper CRC, 
and it certainly doesn't add the size field.  For more information on 
gzip-style files, check out

Hope this helps.  Actually this information would probably be really nice to 
put in the bug report.

Tyler Akins                    [EMAIL PROTECTED]


[2000-09-23 22:21:29] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I guess you should use gzopen("php://stdout","w") instead, because gzcompress doesn't 
have all gzip file headers too.
In other words, gzcompress and gzopen/gzwrite are different functions, and in zlib too.


[2000-09-20 16:11:52] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Move to the rigth bug section

P.S. can someone please take a look a this bug, my programm depends on it




[2000-09-20 16:08:40] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Subject: gzcompress() broken

I was checking out and found out why you are 
right.  :-)

The rest of the functions in the zlib section all use gzip compression.  gzcompress() 
and gzuncompress() do not -- they use a deflate style compression, if I remember 
right.  To fix it, you need to edit the zlib files in PHP to call the correct zlib 

It would be nice if you added this information for me (I have no desire to make a PHP 
bug reporting account) and if you moved it to the zlib section instead of a general 

Tyler Akins                    [EMAIL PROTECTED]


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