I work for a web hosting / ASP / linux company, and my last problem is using
a standard library (which can be accessed by any php users, like PEAR), and
keeping the secret of other directories.

Solution for the first problem is 'include_path = ".:/path/to/shared/libs",'
and for the second one is 'safe_mode = on.'

Well, it's good enough but there's a little glitch: file ownership.  In safe
mode the interpreter refuses opening files which owner uid is not the same
as the running script's. Eg. I have to copy the stdlib (ohh, those wonderful
days of MudOS mudlib writing!) for each user of each virtual hosts.

I think a safe_mode_checkuid flag would solve the problem.

In stock php 4.0.4pl1 safe_mode is checked by

- sapi/apache/php_apache: AUTHORIZATION env.var is not serviced
- main/fopen-wrappers: fopen wrappers checks for same userid
- main/main: set_time_limit is blocked
- ext/standard/basic_functions: handles safe_mode_(allowed|protected)_env_vars
- ext/standard/dl: dl is blocked
- ext/standard/exec: exec is restricted to safe_mode_exec_dir and ``s are
- ext/standard/file: popen is restricted to safe_mode_exec_dir
  mkdir, rmdir, rename, unlink, copy are privileges-checked
- ext/standard/filestat: chkgrp, chown, chmod, touch are privileges-checked 
  chmod is limited to 0777 (no special rights)
- ext/standard/link: symlink, link are privileges-checked
- ext/posix/posix: mkfifo is privileges-checked
- ext/pgsql/pgsql: pg_loimport is privileges-checked
- ext/filepro/filepro: filepro, filepro_rowcount, filepro_retrieve are
- ext/dbase/dbase: dbase_open, dbase_create are privileges-checked
- ext/db/db: dbmopen is privileges-checked

Check/block summary

env.var block:
  - AUTHORIZATION (only in apache SAPI)
function block:
  - dl
  - set_time_limit
function restrictions: 
  - safe_mode_allowed_env_vars
  - safe_mode_protected_env_vars
  - sanity checks
    mkdir, rmdir, rename, unlink, copy, chkgrp, chown, chmod, touch,
    symlink, link, mkfifo, pg_loimport, filepro, filepro_rowcount,
    filepro_retrieve, dbase_open, dbase_create, dbmopen
  - special access permissions block
  - userid checks


Some things are must-have in safe_mode, but I would put an own flag for each
type (well, the privilege sanity checks don't do any bad, so this type
doesn't need another flag).

Comments? Implementations?
Nagy Balazs, LSC

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