now i've more or less fixed all open com-related bugs.
i've written an additional VARIANT module that represents the C VARIANT
now you can pass this to the com-method and all works fine ...

short example:


        $cpx = new COM("TACPXSrv.CPXSrv");              // create com object

        $var = new VARIANT();                           // first constructor: creats a 
VT_EMPTY variant
        $var = new VARIANT("foo");                      // second constructor: tries 
to determine the
correct datatype
        $var = new VARIANT("bar", "VT_BSTR");   // third constructor: gives you full

        echo get_class($var);                           // VARIANT

        echo $var->value;                                       // ->value delivers 
the actual content of the

        $var->bstrVal = "abc";                          // all the VARIANT attributes 
are supportet, wo
        $var->pbstrVal = "bcd";
        $var->lVal = 26;

        echo $var->value;

        $cpx->CPXExecute(0x0301, 2, 5, "", $var);

        echo $var->value;                                       // shows the result 
from the function call above

are there any objections ? whom should i send the sources ? how should i
document the new functionalities ?


resistance is futile - nme.at

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