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Hmm I cant get this to happen for me at all, Im running IIS 5 under win2k can you give 
me more information about your setup too and possibly create backtraces as you 
obviously have a C compiler (if you are implementing your own isapi server ;)


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[2000-12-15 19:50:46] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Please try the latest build from



[2000-11-12 10:55:47] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I've tested 4.0.3 as well and the problems remain here. About the ISAPI. I've heard 
that problems happens even on IIS Web server as well. Just a plain .php file will 
reproduce the problem. 

About the ftell() function, snippet of code:

$line = fgets($file, 1024);
echo ftell($file);

First time the number echoed is correct, second time not (it's shifted), third time 
correct, then again not. By the time I mean another page load. Anything more I could 
help you with?


[2000-11-11 15:25:30] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
please provide short reproducing code for (still existant?) bugs.


[2000-09-07 10:48:10] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I've come accross the following ISAPI bugs. When you try to free the PHP4ISAPI.dll the 
function zend_hash_copy generates an access violation. The same zend_hash_copy 
function generates an access vialotation when the function httpextensionproc is 
executed for the second and more times. The reason I have found this problem is that 
I'm implementing my own ISAPI server.

One more thing I've found is that the ftell() function sometimes returns a bad 
position of the file. Sometimes not sometimes yes and the difference is only 1 byte. 
When I use the same function under the CGI interface (not ISAPI) it works just fine. 
Hope this will help you.

Thank you


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