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I would not want to do this, because it will slow down the execution of the scripts on 
average, since in_array() will have to traverse the entire array to produce the count 
you want, instead of just stopping at the first match.

Try using count(array_keys($array, "foo")) - this will return the number of times 
"foo" occurs in $array.

Previous Comments:

[2001-01-27 15:16:25] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I'd like to see in_array returning the number of values matching, instead of just 

IMHO, it would not create any backwards compatibility problems, since 0 equals false 
anyway and > 0 equals true.

It would make constructing dual-parameter descisions much easier.

For example - a bounce script, where "bounce_count / day" > 6 AND "bounces /week" = 5.

This is very hard to do now, but with in_array returning the number of hits, it takes 
out at least 2 loops and a seperate "counts" array.


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