Yes, but it would be really nice if it was returned.  Systems with 128MB or
RAM run out quickly if there is a script ( like a long Phorum thread ) that
takes a good chunk.  Of course the argument can be made that the box needs
more RAM but if the memory can be returned (maybe even with a php.ini
setting that states the max amount PHP should keep) to the system why not do

Brian Moon
Phorum Dev Team -
Making better forums with PHP

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> > It is not a leak exactly but more of a greed.  It seems to be a
> > semi-intentional but not necessary thing.  It seems that the way
Zend/PHP is
> > allocating memory is not allowing it to be returned to the system.  Once
> > has some memory it will not let it go, but it will reuse it.  So, if a
> > script takes up a good chunk of memory, it is never returned to the
> > unless that httpd process is killed or dies.
> Right, this is standard.  But this does not explain incremental memory
> usage.  Memory is marked as free and re-used.  It does not need to be
> returned to the system for it to be re-used.  So the memory usage for any
> one process should never exceed the memory usage of your most memory
> hungry script.
> -Rasmus

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