> 4.
> >And, BTW, you can control it - see MAX_ constants at zend_alloc.h
> As I CLEARLY (as I think ...) described in
> http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=php-dev&m=98080647502573&w=2
> the mechanism of memory "deadlocks" is not based on the cache size
> (it is small in fact), but in order of memory operations (problem
> appears even when the size is set to 1 !). We've tested some
> very simple fixes (turn off ZEND_FAST_CACHE and for example
> force the shutdown_memory_manager always to clean the cache, not
> only when "clean" flag is set. It needs some small modification
> in for loop in order to reinitialize cache globals) and the problem
> has dissapeared (almost, but I'll say about it later in 5).
> The CPU performance lowers down only a little bit.

I did what it says at that URL and still had the problems.  I suspect it is
related to libraries and such that we use at phorum.org but I am not sure
how to pinpoint it.  Can you tell me what you did to force the
shutdown_memory_manager.  I would like to see what that can do for me.

Brian Moon
Phorum Dev Team - http://phorum.org
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