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Bug Type: Directory function related
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I tried them examples in our Solaris 8 (sparc) with the latest CVS
and they worked just fine. 

Could you try the latest CVS snapshot from  
to verify if this is fixed already? And which compiler did you use to compile PHP ?

I'm using GCC 2.95.2 as we don't have that Sun Workshop CC installed
in that machine yet.


Previous Comments:

[2001-02-01 16:53:09] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Using the examples cut-n-pasted from the dir() and readdir() documentation, dir() they 
both return nothing.  They work ok in php3.

I see other entries in the bug database saying this issue was fixed in the cvs, but 
these are dated before the release of the version I'm using, so I guess they became 
broken again or Solaris 8 is a problem.

I'll be delighted to help debug this if someone can tell me how.

Best Regards,



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