thanks for you reply, I recompile php with --enable-debug
but I don't any log file show the error / crash message
it write nothing to error_log, the ssl_engine_log only shows the following

[02/Feb/2001 16:03:46 11688] [info]  Server: Apache/1.3.14, Interface:
mod_ssl/2.7.1, Library: OpenSSL/0.9.6
[02/Feb/2001 16:03:46 11688] [info]  Init: 1st startup round (still not
[02/Feb/2001 16:03:46 11688] [info]  Init: Initializing OpenSSL library
[02/Feb/2001 16:03:46 11688] [info]  Init: Loading certificate & private key
of SSL-aware server xxx.xxx.xxx:443
[02/Feb/2001 16:03:46 11688] [info]  Init: Seeding PRNG with 136 bytes of
[02/Feb/2001 16:03:46 11688] [info]  Init: Generating temporary RSA private
keys (512/1024 bits)
[02/Feb/2001 16:03:47 11688] [info]  Init: Configuring temporary DH
parameters (512/1024 bits)
[02/Feb/2001 16:03:49 11689] [info]  Init: 2nd startup round (already
[02/Feb/2001 16:03:49 11689] [info]  Init: Reinitializing OpenSSL library

BTW, it does not generate any core file, if that what you mean.  it just
dead very slient.

if it help, I can tar up the whole image to you, so you can run it on your
box as box.


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Subject: PHP 4.0 Bug #9003 Updated: mod_ssl + php4.0.4pl1 crash

ID: 9003
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Bug Type: Reproduceable crash
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Could you please try to generate a GDB backtrace of the crash?
Reconfigure / compile PHP first with --enable-debug!


Previous Comments:

[2001-01-30 10:02:52] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
version of apach 1.3.14
version mod_ssl 2.7.1-1.3.14
version openssl 0.9.6

i compile & install apache with php4 + mod_ssl support has no problem,
however when I start the apache with php4 + ssl, it crash itself with the
error message found on error_log
[Wed Jan 31 01:29:45 2001] [notice] Apache/1.3.14 (Unix) PHP/4.0.4pl1
configured -- resuming normal operations
[Wed Jan 31 01:30:01 2001] [notice] caught SIGTERM, shutting down

there is no error message find on ssl_engine_log.

the apache start up ok with either ssl or php4, but can't be both.

any idea to resolve it.


there is no change on php.ini, that copied from php.ini-dist
php configure options

apache configure option


Full Bug description available at: http://bugs.php.net/?id=9003

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