the only way I can get them works perfectly if i compile them under either
RedHat 7.0 with kernal 2.2.18 or RedHat 6.1 with kernal upgrade to 2.2.18,
also RedHat 6.2 with no kernal change, that i find out last night.  i have
no way to get it work if i compile them under redhat 6.1 with org. kernal.
anyway i resolve???? the issue by compile them under redhat 6.2, then
transfer the image to redhat 6.1 box, and it runs.  
i guess something must go wrong when I compile them under Redhat 6.1, grabs
the wrong code??

since I tried upgrade tke glibc on Redhat 6.1 but does not resolve the

it would be interesting to find out why.  I wounder could you give me some
idea where I can locate modf() routine, part of glibc???


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To: Sherman Chan
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Subject: Re: [PHP-DEV] RE: PHP 4.0 Bug #9003 Updated: mod_ssl +
php4.0.4pl1 crash

On Fri, 2 Mar 2001, Sherman Chan wrote:

>if there is nothing to do with php, could you tell me why the apache + php
>mod_ssl fail to start, but apache + mod_ssl starts up ok.  also the same
>configuration with php3 works ok as well.  could u  provide soe idea where
>should look at, like the routine to modf ().

Hmm..first you email me and say everything works ok.
And now you're saying it doesn't work?
So what did you do after getting it running ok?
Did you add something? Did you remove something???

If I could read minds I would know but unfortunately I
can not so you will have to tell me. Otherwise I can not help.

And have you installed every update from RedHat errata into your
system? There are a few of them. I would suggest that you update
it to 6.2 which seems to be the most stable release from RedHat.
I'm using it and I haven't run into this bug before.


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