>Anyone else want to pipe in on this thread? I believe that the naming is
>still a significant issue. Just last week Jim - Jim fer diety's sake - made
>the is_set != isset mistake.

Sorry for late input on this one - just got back from holiday, but I'd just
like to say that I think it is important that we address this issue. I don't
care too much what mechanism we use to get there, but it would be really
good if at some point in the nearish future there is a clean, orthogonal
version of the language which can be called official or pure PHP, where
function names and the order of arguments obey sensible consistent rules. It
does not matter if PHP has to carry legacy baggage around with it for some
time, but it does matter that we should all be able to program without
having to remember special cases and taking a quick peek in the manual to
find things like the order of needles and haystacks, or whether or not an
underscore is required.

Also, a cleaned up language gives people fewer excuses for not adopting PHP.

Anyway, count me in for help with any work/discussion required.

Phil Driscoll
Dial Solutions
+44 (0)113 294 5112

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