At 15:51 8/2/2001, Marc Boeren wrote:

> >>I'm using add_index_string and add_assoc_string to build an array, and
> >>functions expect a 'duplicate' argument. When should I set this to 1 and
> >>when to 0?
> >First of all, it definitely matters.  Sending the right value is extremely
> >important.  If you send 1 instead of 0, then you would get a memory
> >leak.  If you send a 0 instead of 1, you'll most likely crash.  So you
> >really must send the right values each time :)
> > [...]
>So what you're saying is
>- if duplicate is set to 0, you create a reference
>- if duplicate is set to 1, you increase the reference counter
>so that 'duplicate' means 'I am a duplicate', instead of what I first
>thought 'duplicate me' (which is why I sent a 1 first (duplicate me), and a
>0 second).

No, it's not clear I guess :)

'duplicate' does mean 'duplicate me'.
If duplicate is set to 0, then you tell the engine not to duplicate the 
string, but use it as-is.  If it's set to 1, then you tell the engine to 
duplicate it, because this string is either static, or already referenced 
by other things in PHP.


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