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[1999-04-07 13:03:36] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I would like to use PHP3 at my environment. 

Someone already purchased a corporate license of Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6 for 
our HP-UX, Solaris and AIX systems, so I can't use my favourite Apache+PHP combo.
The target environment is:
- Netscape enterprise server 3.6.
- Php 3.0.7.
- Oracle 7.x and 8.x via OCI.
- Perhaps ODBC.

I've seen something about running PHP as a cgi-bin.
Downloaded a UNIX source 3.0.7 tarball.
How should I "make" it? 

I also need to propagate the binaries from one HP-UX machine to other(s) on which C 
compiler is not installed.

Can you help me?
Of course you'll have access to the resulting binaries if I'm able to put them on 



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