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a socket() function was added in 4.0.2.

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[1999-05-07 10:56:24] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I would like to have a change in the way fsockopen works. As
of now it defaults to TCP as a protocol but in some cases you
really would like to specify what protocol to use. I should work
something like this:

fsockopen(string hostname, int port, string [protocol], int [errno],
               string [errstr])

Where the option protocol (if not omitted) would default to TCP.

I just thought it could be a neat feature if you could specify the
protocol. Protocols I can think of are UDP and ICMP for instance.
I'm know there are a bunch of networked applications out there 
which use UDP only and it would be great if PHP and fsockopen 
would support them.


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