Recently came across a need for the ability to set quotas via the PHP
IMAP interface.  Currently it doesn't seem as if this is capable of
happening, so I've started looking into adding a bit of functionality.

  It seems that the c-client library has a function
mail_parameters(MAILSTREAM *stream, long function, void *value) function
that can accomplish this, where 'function' is the command you want
(defined in mail.h)

  The question becomes would this, would adding in a 'imap_parameters()'
function to PHP be advisable, leaving it open to extend to all of the
mail_parameter functions?  Or would it be better to just implement a
imap_setquota() function to handle what I need?

  The only big problem I can see with implementing a imap_parameter()
function is the lack of functionality documentation/support.  For
example, in the imap-2000c.tar dist, there are mentions of a
SET_RSHTIMEOUT including a mention in the mail.h file, but there is no
implementation in the mail_parameter function to handle such a flag. 
More so the 'value' to be passed into the function isn't always

  The disadvantage I see with just a imap_setquota function is if other
functionality is needed it would require re-implementing the function. 
The internals would be the same except for one variable (that could be a
possible parameter by the user) deciding what functionality to call.

  The implementation of a universal function could potentially be
extremely useful for controlling imap services.  But some advise on this
would be welcome... or if there currently is such an ability that would
be great to hear!  So.. any preference?

And yes, I'm planning on submitting all changes back to the project...

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