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Status: Closed
Bug Type: OCI8 related
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not enough information.
please make sure all env-vars are setup correct.

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[2000-12-06 00:21:23] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I can not connect to any remote databases from my IIS/PHP server.  The server also has 
Oracle 8.0.5 installed.  I can connect to any of the instances on the local server.

However, if I try to connect to a db on another server, I am told that TNS could not 
resolve the db.  I can connect with SQLPLUS without any problems.

It is unfortunate that PHP does not create some dialog when logging in enabled in 

We are currently using the client (I installed the patches and tried that as 

I basically get the same results when using the Oracle extension in addition to the 
OCI8 extension.

I am currently using the precompiled binary available on this web site.


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