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Bug Type: OCI8 related
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i'm sure your problem will dissapear once you set all 
oracle related env-vars *before* you start apache.

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[2001-01-09 11:50:11] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
user feedback:
When I recompiled Apache with PHP 4.0.4 the problem seemed to have vanished. 
Now a colleague reported that this happened again. An Apache restart did help. So far, 
I couldn't figure out what the *real* problem was... As soon as I know, I'll report it 


[2001-01-07 19:51:40] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Does this happen with PHP 4.0.4 ?



[2000-12-08 07:39:01] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
We're using an Oracle 8051 with Apache 1.3.12. The following code fragment runs 
faultless on PHP3.0.15, but produces one character output per column only on 

while (OCIFetch($Stmt)) {
   echo "  <TR>n    ";
   for ($Column=1; $Column < $NumCols; $Column++) {
      echo ('<TD ALIGN="'.$spalte_ausrichtung.'">');
      echo "$spalte_wert";
      echo "</TD>";
   echo "n  </TR>n";

The docs don't state any special treatment due to PHP4, so the code should be running 
on PHP3 and on PHP4. Or am I wrong? To me it looks like a bug.

For further infos please mail to stated email address above. Ciao!


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