At 15:05 19.2. 2001, Derick Rethans wrote the following:
>On Mon, 19 Feb 2001, Cynic wrote:
>> I would welcome the win32 distributions packed with bzip2
>> as well. This algorithm is superior to anything else I know
>> (well, at least in compression ratio), and is available to
>> win32 users as well. Not only as a commandline tool, but as
>> a plugin for the very popular wincmd32 too. Anything bzipped
>> is about half the size of that thing zipped.
>It's only that the most users se WinZip, which does not support it.
>Derick Rethans

"If you want to save some bandwidth, here's the distro in a 
bzipped archive. bzip2 plugin for Windows Commander is 
available for free at"

I believe that a bzip verion of the large win32 distro would 
be somewhere about 2.3MB. That's quite nice, compared to 
3.6MB of the zip file.


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