> Hum, having just contributed to said download size... we've done our
> best to
> minimize the KLOC, removing some cruft and moving a couple of functions
> into
> a (separate) library, but we'd be down to stripping comments to go
> further...
> the only other thing I could suggest is using bzip2 instead of gzip:

At the moment I would personally advocate adding a EXPERIMENTAL file to
midgard firstly because the midgard team themselves state that its still
Beta and also if it is moved from main CVS at some point to PEAR etc then it
would probably be best not to distribute it with PHP at any point. I also
feel due to the amount of changes that have been made to midgard CVS in past
few days/weeks it doesnt to me seem stable enough or tested enough (at least
this beta version) to distribute with a release. Lets give it a bit of time
in CVS before we distribute it with PHP Releases.


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