ID: 9383
Updated by: derick
Status: Assigned
Bug Type: mcrypt related
Assigned To: derick

After some research, it might be a portabilty issue, as this same configuration works 
flawlessly on linux (RedHAt 6.2)
I'll contact the author of libmcrypt

Previous Comments:

[2001-02-21 16:51:33] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
2.4.7 does not work too.


[2001-02-21 16:40:57] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Does not work with 2.4.8, trying 2.4.7


[2001-02-21 16:26:03] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
no problem. I'm just compiling it with 2.4.8, should I try only 2.4.7. Is 2.4.8 known 
to have some problem?


[2001-02-21 16:16:51] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Can you check out if libmcrypt 2.4.4 or 2.4.7 works fine for you? Assigning it to me 


[2001-02-21 16:10:31] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
The problem appears on freebsd. Everything compiled from ports.
apache version is 1.3.17. PHP is 4.0.4pl1. Mcrypt is 2.4.9 with and without 
--disable-posix-threads tested, does the same thing (but I don't think, that 
./configure recognizes this in 2.4.x of mcrypt). Everything works just fine, until I 
run mcrypt_modle_open function.

#0  0x0 in ?? ()
#1  0x2842fa4a in mcrypt_enc_is_block_algorithm_mode () from 
#2  0x2842f4a9 in mcrypt_module_open () from /usr/local/lib/
#3  0x28334b87 in php_if_mcrypt_module_open (ht=4, return_value=0x827d20c, 
    return_value_used=1) at mcrypt.c:417
#4  0x2830fa09 in execute (op_array=0x828360c) at ./zend_execute.c:1519
#5  0x2830fc5c in execute (op_array=0x828380c) at ./zend_execute.c:1559
#6  0x2830fc5c in execute (op_array=0x828390c) at ./zend_execute.c:1559
#7  0x2830fc5c in execute (op_array=0x8283a0c) at ./zend_execute.c:1559
#8  0x2830fc5c in execute (op_array=0x825fc0c) at ./zend_execute.c:1559
#9  0x2831dc4e in zend_execute_scripts (type=8, file_count=3) at zend.c:729
#10 0x2832f0e4 in php_execute_script (primary_file=0xbfbff958) at main.c:1221
#11 0x2832b9e2 in apache_php_module_main (r=0x8269038, display_source_mode=0) at 
#12 0x2832c382 in send_php (r=0x8269038, display_source_mode=0, filename=0x0) at 
#13 0x2832c3be in send_parsed_php (r=0x8269038) at mod_php4.c:527
#14 0x80536f8 in ap_invoke_handler ()
#15 0x80626b1 in process_request_internal ()
#16 0x8062710 in ap_process_request ()
#17 0x805c012 in child_main ()
#18 0x805c1a4 in make_child ()
#19 0x805c2c1 in startup_children ()
#20 0x805c790 in standalone_main ()
#21 0x805ce4b in main ()
#22 0x804fbf1 in _start ()


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