PHP 4.0 Bug Database summary -

 Num Status     Summary (1366 total including feature requests)
===============================================[*Configuration Issues]========
7666 Feedback   PHP4 doesn't read php.ini with NT4/IIS
7695 Feedback   Error while accessing php script
7774 Open       PHP_AUTH_USER and PHP_AUTH_PW are set when using external 
8238 Feedback   crypt() fails
8295 Open       absolute path in extension= directive in php.ini not recognized
8316 Feedback   cannot set short_open_tags to off
8670 Open       Incorect interpretation session.gc_maxlifetime parameter
8762 Open       No warning when entered nonexistent dll.
8815 Open       allow_fopen_url = On & include("URL") don't work
8848 Open       "open_basedir = /dir/incl" validates "/dir/include" and so on
9041 Open       Extra #! at top of web output.
9243 Open       configure emerges with bad LIBS '-l-L/usr/local/lib'
9406 Open       if you don't have PHPRC set, php will try to load /php.ini
===============================================[*Database Functions]==========
8706 Open       Database handle corruption?
9267 Open       vars are set to "" instead of NULL
===============================================[*Directory/Filesystem functions]
8564 Open       fread generating false errors
8580 Feedback   Fileupload and Database mysql access
8698 Open       freediskspace returns zero when used on a windows 2000 'spanned' 
dynamic drive.
9043 Open       popen returns a 'Resource id #' (non null) when process cannot be 
9145 Open       File Uploads > 9MB are broken. Upload stops with: Can't find server.
9206 Open       unable to load file to the disk
===============================================[*Function Specific]===========
6652 Feedback   include() require() add trailing CRLF
6708 Duplicate  Treatment of ' in htmlspecialchars() function
6839 Feedback   get metatags
7220 Open       Error Report on Function Arguments
8202 Open       exec("java -cp classpath classname inputArgument"); has no effect
8270 Feedback   problem when including phpinfo() command with session
8297 Feedback   see test program below
8489 Feedback   Function empty() does not work
8563 Open       hebrevc() problems...
8857 Open       microtime() doesn't work after setlocale(LC_NUMERIC,"pl")
8869 Open       phpinfo() returns incorrect Configuration File Path
9107 Open       Function with mysql_close($conn) closes top level scripts $conn
9366 Feedback   bin2hex() outputs non-hex digits
9378 Open       Exit() in a Funtion never break the process, PHP module still running
===============================================[*General Issues]==============
3076 Analyzed   system and popen are ok in safe_mode, not backquotes
4283 Open       include_path error with PHP4 RC1 Roxen module
4761 Assigned   exec, system all give an error on a fork...
6303 Duplicate  make install said is not a DSO
6426 Duplicate  system() or exec(): unable to fork
6435 Duplicate  can't close session(by session_destroy()) - it write warning
6499 Analyzed   $upload_type[] has wrong size with empty multiple-file uploads
6520 Duplicate  session_destroy() does not work
6542 Duplicate  exec() and system() cannot fork
6617 Open       JVM starts only on 3 requests per httpd
6624 Open       error_log() in registered shutdown function
6644 Duplicate  Test
6685 Analyzed   %20 mis-converted in GET mechanism
6875 Duplicate  upload_tmp_dir in php.ini doesn't work in safe_mode
6982 Open       disable_functions option don't works in Apache config
7134 Duplicate  misbehavior of print and sprintf AGAIN
7136 Duplicate  The binary version of php4.0.2 doesn't support the bindtextdomain 
7243 Duplicate  upload_tmp_dir does not work in safe_mode
7444 Duplicate  General reference problems
7455 Duplicate  Problems with $this in constructor
7525 Duplicate  exec() does not work
7685 Open       File Upload Fails with Headers in Unexpected Order
7865 Duplicate  exec command
8446 Open       PHP/apache process is in infinite loop or appears to suck CPU
8618 Open       httpd process hangs
8671 Open       Random "Warning: Failed opening..."
9036 Bogus      Non installation of
9148 Bogus      PHP got space to every of my variables
9381 Bogus      PHP doesn't work.....
9395 Bogus      Its's taking file only form one directory. ie home/httpd
9413 Bogus      can't run test programs
9418 Open       Upload image file is broken
===============================================[*Install and Config]==========
6614 Duplicate  configure does not recognize sys/socket.h
7280 Open       global iniline not supported in SGI Compiler
7731 Open       compilation with deprecated abi (no -n32)
7933 Open       install sets dangerous's
7959 Open       ld: 0711-317 ERROR: Undefined symbol: .alloca
8158 Feedback   unable to find math.h when doing a make
8327 Feedback   Son of Defect 4155: X-Powered-By and Content-Type bogus headers 
8375 Feedback   Undefined Reference
8485 Feedback   while loading -> undefined symbol: 
8551 Feedback   mssql70.dll problem
8837 Feedback   Compilation gives error after successfull configure with gw, t1
8840 Feedback   configure php w/FdfTk.hith --with-fdftk option
8843 Bogus      aclocal: 54: macro `AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE' not found in 
8862 Suspended  libtool does not code runpath into
8918 Open       Fails when linking
8977 Bogus      Cannot load /usr/lib/apache/ into server:
9018 Open       Cannot start with ISAPI option
9063 Open       Configure gives errors regarding Payflow Pro
9078 Open       php] make install
9085 Open       tar file is corrupted in your web site
9101 Bogus      
9129 Bogus      Compiling Errors
9133 Bogus      configure: error: Invalid Apache directory - unable to find httpd.h 
under /usr/
9134 Bogus      configure: error: Invalid Apache directory - unable to find httpd.h 
under /usr/
9150 Open       PHP4 not reading php.ini
9175 Open       Configure isn't settings vars correctly
9177 Open       crypt problems with openssl
9179 Open       refresh error
9232 Bogus      refresh not working
9233 Open       Unable to load extensions
9236 Bogus      can't get PHP support white multiple web site on IIS
9239 Open       configure tests incorrectly for IPv6
9246 Open       
9271 Bogus      IE5 responce: "save on disk" or "open", not running.(apache+php4)
9287 Open       Stronghold only start one process  when using DSO PHP4 with OCI8 
9419 Open       isapi filter doesn't see php.ini
9432 Open       
9392 Open       htmlspecial chars & htmlentities do not handle double byte 
===============================================[*Network Functions]===========
5311 Analyzed   Checkdnsrr
7058 Open       checkdnsrr bug
7288 Duplicate  Functions checkdnsrr() and getmxrr() not working
7761 Duplicate  checkdnsrr not work
8264 Feedback   checkdnsrr and getmxrr always return true
8754 Open       gethostbyname() fails
9100 Open       problem with UDP
===============================================[*Regular Expressions]=========
6680 Open       regexps (ereg*) ignores locale settings
7231 Open       REG_ECOLLATE bug?
8925 Feedback   pattern ~ can't detected
8926 Bogus      pattern ~ can't detected
9325 Bogus      wrong parameter count for preg_replace
===============================================[*Session related]=============
3793 Analyzed   session.gc_maxlifetime does not work
5624 Duplicate  Can't make sessions work
6121 Assigned   Transparent Session ID doesn't pick up redirects
6693 Duplicate  problems with session_destroy() function
6983 Duplicate  session_destroy() does not remove session
6984 Duplicate  problems w/ session_destroy() function
7015 Open       Session.auto_start causes an error when generating PDFs with PDFlib
7694 Open       time out on uploading  with session
7772 Open       Problems with session vars
8029 Suspended  Session loses variables, zero length session file
8105 Feedback   session_register drops inner object
8235 Feedback   session_id parameter doesn't work
8253 Suspended  Cookies/Sessions under MacOS
8271 Duplicate  Using include() on file with javascript after session_start() corrupts 
8304 Feedback   Lost data when write in file
8315 Open       strange session behavior with register_globals off
8470 Feedback   about sessions
8527 Open       Session does not work outside the folder it was created in
8545 Open       Session variables not carried forward in Netscape Client
8588 Duplicate  CODE of: Session does not work outside the folder it was created in
8676 Open       Bad serialization of objects with references
8772 Open       user level session storage fails when register_globals off
8841 Open       PHP Crashed under very special circumstances
8908 Open       SID and session_destroy()
8912 Open       variable not passed to next page
8980 Bogus      session_destroy() abort
8989 Open       Bug#5493 resurfaced
9002 Open       User session handler doesn't work with register_globals set "Off"
9115 Feedback   unserialization segfaults
9191 Duplicate  Problems when rejecting cookies
9198 Feedback   ocassional session blackouts
9207 Feedback   User session handler doesn't call write function
9268 Open       Inconsistent behaviour for per-session cookies
9390 Open       PHPSESSID adds itself to $HTTP_POST_VARS
9421 Open       &PHPSESSID should use &
===============================================[*Web Server problem]==========
1546 Analyzed   Unable to pass path info while using php in cgi mode.
9114 Open       X509 Certificate Environment variables
9153 Bogus      not accessing 404 errorpage
===============================================[*XML functions]===============
6175 Open       XML functions no longer work in objects
6500 Open       XML - startElementHandler
6531 Open       xml functions not working correctly, still.
6665 Open       object variables get 'unset' when assigned within xml handlers
6671 Open       using the XML parser in a class does not seem to work any longer
7133 Open       xml_set_object() should not copy the object
8522 Open       Error in XML parser with win98/PWS
===============================================[Adabas-D related]=============
8320 Open       Comiling with Adabas failes
===============================================[Apache related]===============
3362 Open       php_auth_user not passed back to apache
6795 Open       Problem with the value of $PATH_TRANSLATED
7241 Bogus      Some mistakes when build apache module
7247 Duplicate  MySQL+zlib
7661 Open       server address set to
7822 Open       system crash
7884 Open       php and apache configuration to enable 'copy' to write on a network 
7901 Feedback   does not work with tomcat/jakarta
8039 Duplicate  build process doesn't use apxs CFLAGS
8200 Feedback   /usr/local/libexec/apache/ Undefined symbol 
8347 Feedback   /usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl start: httpd could not be started
8389 Open       Easy access to non-php files using php.exe
8405 Feedback   header() doesn't seem to have effect
8441 Open       php_syslog undefined
8477 Open       apache 1.3.12 DSO warning
8497 Open       (8)Exec format error: from apache error_log
8518 Duplicate  apxs:Error: file libs/ is not a DSO
8539 Duplicate  undefined symbol: phpi_get_le_gd
8542 Open       Loading Module
8611 Analyzed   apache didn't start  (Speicherzugriffsfehler)
8629 Open       PHP4 doesn't work with JServ installed
8637 Open       Apache apxs does not recognize file
8638 Open       PHP handles permission problems ungracefully rather than letting 
Apache do it
8709 Open       endless loop trying to chdir
8725 Feedback   Fun with putenv
8778 Feedback   Cannot load
8827 Open       PHP_AUTH_PW stores password when using External Authentication
8851 Bogus      [warn] Loaded DSO libexec/ uses plain Apache 1.3 API.......
8864 Feedback   Context menu app launching useless with apache module
8865 Duplicate  App launching with hotkeys delayed
8866 Open       Frozen applications with apache module running
8878 Feedback   symbol not defined (load php4-module)
8894 Bogus      Upgraded to 4.0.4p1 from  4.0.4 caused apache to crash
8910 Open       apache error
8968 Feedback   Apache Fails to start with php
8976 Open       Oci8 connection return error
9021 Feedback   Couldn't get apache started. No bugs shown, nothing in the logs.
9059 Open       SNMP compile issue
9060 Open       server-info and server-status handlers refuse to work
9075 Open       CGI/ file download problem with URL http://x/myprog.php/filename
9077 Open       Cannot compile against current Apache 2.0 a9 or CVS dated 02-Feb-2001
9088 Open       php404sp1 broke MIPS Apache - webserver cannot start
9113 Feedback   Apache will not restart
9138 Open       setlocale changes over all thought process of Apache child.
9143 Bogus      wrong Apache version shown
9161 Open       Undefined symbols in static apache build using PHP 4.0.4pl1
9184 Feedback   compile failure w/ apache/ snmp
9226 Open       Include URL; fopen Url
9280 Open       HTTP/1.1 Expect: header not honoured
9343 Feedback   Causes server to core
9344 Bogus      Causes server to core
9345 Open       PHP as subrequests in Apache
9348 Feedback   symbol zendtext: referenced symbol not found
9375 Open       Apache don't start
9398 Open       Apache SIGTERM when loading php with pspell AND sablotron
9422 Open       Apache hangs when Win goes to standby
9429 Duplicate  Apache hangs when Win goes to standby
9430 Open       APACHE fails to compile when --with-imap support is enabled
9433 Open       ErrorDocument 404 pointing to PHP file
===============================================[Arrays related]===============
7045 Analyzed   Shuffle() does behave correctly
7762 Open       array_multisort() doesn't always correctly reassign references between 
8353 Feedback   foreach modify array pointer
8883 Open       explode() and empty strings
9300 Open       Having an array and other variables as parameters to a fonction
9301 Bogus      Having an array and other variables as parameters to a fonction
9315 Feedback   Weird array behavior
9319 Open       join function joins in reverse order in one specific instance.
===============================================[Calendar related]=============
9076 Open       GregorianToJD function returns incorrect values
===============================================[Class/Object related]=========
7765 Duplicate  not OO until automatic class destructor is added
8104 Duplicate  session_register drops inner object
8222 Open       Objects are not automatically destroyed when reference count=0
8429 Feedback   erealloc() problem
8816 Feedback   cross subscript object variable access
8935 Open       A reference to 'this' can not be used in the constructor method for a 
9008 Duplicate  define()-ed values as assoc array keys don't work
9054 Open       problems in call_user_method
9066 Bogus      problem printing array
9068 Assigned   Bugs in OO which are leaking memory...
9090 Duplicate  call_user_method() duplicates object
9092 Duplicate  variables-by-references in class constructor not working
9127 Bogus      submitting a boolean to an attribute seems to fail
9162 Open       Java support corrupts Hashtables
9194 Feedback   Objects not properly stored as session variables
===============================================[COM related]==================
7691 Assigned   unable to pass an array to COM object.
8361 Open       Chinese char changed & ADODB.command,recordset can not be used
9281 Open       Using a dll
===============================================[Compile Failure]==============
4630 Open       Segmentation fault(coredump) in apache startup
4639 Duplicate  Unable to build a working DSO
5108 Open       Cannot install with fdftk support
5211 Duplicate  "my_init.c", line 102: undefined struct/union member: ru_maxrss
5661 Assigned   undeclared function
5882 Open       Use inline directive in *.c files for global functions in Zend engine
5906 Open       PHP 4.0RC2 or higher with CLibPDF fails to compile on RedHat 5.2
6052 Duplicate  make install said is not a DSO
6441 Duplicate  Compiler error using the compiler-options --with-imap AND 
6579 Open       compile error with oracle 7230 on AIX4.2
6591 Duplicate is not a DSO
6854 Duplicate  zend_execute compile failure -> for all ZEND_API inline's in the .h
7102 Suspended  File 'istream.h' not found.
7462 Duplicate  Zlib support broken
7474 Open       ext/standard/scanf.c reports strtol/strtoul "undefined reference"
7564 Open       Failure to link
7643 Open       APXS compile fails with "not a DSO"
7730 Open       unresolved text symbol (s) during final link (php creation)
8004 Duplicate  Failure to create a valid PHP module on Mac OS X Public Beta
8045 Open       using --with-ccvs and --with-mcrypt causes mcrypt detect to fail
8118 Open       error in much warnings in session.c
8154 Feedback   failed to compile
8201 Duplicate  Compile failure with --enable-sockets
8234 Feedback   Unable to resolve DL_UNLOAD (dlclose)
8259 Duplicate  LC_MESSAGES not defined
8278 Feedback in archive is not object
8284 Feedback   phpi_get_le_gd not found (in pdf.c)
8357 Duplicate  SQLINTEGER undefined with OpenLink
8364 Open       sapdb make Error
8410 Feedback   php4 & newest 2.0a9 apache "misalignment"
8418 Open       ii.c (Ingres) fails to compile with gcc
8420 Feedback   configure --with-mcrypt may fail to detect mcrypt
8451 Feedback   undefined struct tm
8484 Duplicate  Compiling of php_odbc.c Fails
8559 Open       dlerror previously defined
8575 Open       configure fails while checking for gzgets
8591 Open       Build fails at main/main.c because XtOffset got defined to something 
8696 Open       make doesn't make, stuck on file location
8705 Open       Compile fails with java support.  Possibly due to compile script error?
8749 Open       Compile errors with IBM DB2 support
8763 Open       Compiling Apache1.3.14 with PHP(pgsql+Informix) and JServ: make aborts
8814 Open       Undefined Versioned Symbol
8844 Open       -rpath is not used correctly, causing configure failure
8852 Open       undefined reference to `compress'
8871 Open       missing required flags for Compaq compiler
8896 Open       mhash compilation error
8927 Open       Missing header file
8947 Open       php don't compile using --with-sybase and FreeTDS (php 4.0.0 does)
8970 Open       Cannot compile PHP 4.0.4pl1 w/ pgsql
8983 Bogus      gd tries to use gif functions
9009 Open       build problem with informix esql 9.30 and iODBC 2.50.3
9010 Open       Compiler fails with --enable-sockets flag
9149 Bogus      syntax error
9183 Open       Compile failure: --with-db3
9199 Open       'ld: No reference to __DYNAMIC' error
9225 Open       Somthing is eating my cflags
9228 Open       with apache 2.0.9:  php_functions.c:49
9229 Open       Sockets extension does not compile -- possible problem
9285 Open       Compile fails on scanf.h
9314 Feedback   d32: INFerror at compiling
9359 Suspended  inline not defined in zend_static_allocator.c
9360 Open       Type of the parameter conflicts with previous declaration of function
9376 Open       php_zlib.dll compile errors
9380 Open       HAVE_TZNAME not being checked
9382 Open       inet_aton prototype not used
9389 Analyzed   File names with '-' causes problems
9391 Open       compilation error when configured with DBMaker support
9396 Open       unable to compile php 4.0.4pl1 with ldap (IBM LDAP SDK 3.1)
9400 Feedback   Duplicate symbol with GD
9405 Open       error with dlopen parameters in apache 1.3.17
9412 Open       no support for syslog.h causes errors
===============================================[Compile Problem]==============
 586 Open       configure does not support apache shadow tree
8332 Duplicate  Look in the supplied info
8437 Open       Compile error with pdflib & gd (shared)
8480 Open       TSRM.dsp has LF only; needs CRLF
8658 Open       Php DSO complains of missing structure member
8833 Open       won't compile as an apache module
8877 Feedback   symbol not defined (used by ucd-snmp)
8952 Open       PHP Installs With PNG, Apache Doesn't
8996 Open       Netscape Enterprise 4.1 problem during make
9104 Bogus      imap support will not compile
9221 Bogus      Installation problems with Slackware
9275 Open       can't compile pdflib in php4.0.3pl1
===============================================[Cybercash related]============
8255 Open       CyberCash support not correctly installed
===============================================[Date/time related]============
6387 Duplicate  gettimeofday, microtime
8678 Duplicate  microtime() does not work very well
8828 Open       mktime using mday<=0
8933 Bogus      gettimeofday improvement suggestion
9007 Open       strtotime cannot cope correctly with time zones
9050 Open       strtotime function work incorrect
9094 Duplicate  Microseconds seem to be untrue values
9237 Bogus      date function parameters won't work on PWS
9340 Feedback   usleep function doesn't work properly under winNT 4.0
===============================================[dBase related]================
3733 Open       Linking error when including DBase support
3777 Open       Dbase_create fails to recognize array of arrays
5993 Analyzed   numeric fields with field len > 10 are chopped
6519 Open       dbase_replace_record writes (null) in .dbf
6788 Open       dbase read functions lead to random segfault
6852 Open       Misc. bugs
7374 Open       Boolean Fields always return 0 with dbase_get_record
7620 Open       dbase_get_record_with_names crashes php
8229 Open       core dump on dbase_replace_record
8677 Open       dbase module built with phpize doesn't work.
9121 Open       the dbase functions either segfault or generate the following debug 
===============================================[DBM/DBA related]==============
8574 Open       Berkeley DB (dba) support
8590 Open       PHP  dbm module not compatible with dbmmanage or mod_auth_dbm
8819 Open       dbm functions do not work correctly
9222 Open       dbmreplace() and dbmdelete() don't run
===============================================[Directory function related]===
7344 Open       opendir always returns a resource even on non-existen directories
9058 Open       dir() and readdir() don't work
9234 Duplicate  Windows shares are not accessible
9354 Duplicate  Doesn't support UNC paths
===============================================[Documentation problem]========
3674 Open       Backreferences need 2 backslashes to work in preg_* functions
4294 Analyzed   return in script called from php.ini stops engine
5827 Open       
6131 Duplicate  str_pad does not accept optional fourth parameter
6180 Analyzed   missing operators in docu
6248 Analyzed   parent:: is undocumented
6252 Open       comparision ops on arrays and objects
6253 Open       resources aren´t documented
6336 Open       setting include_path breaks top index.php
6358 Duplicate  make install?
6553 Analyzed   Installing PHP4 on IPlanet 4.x on Win32
7187 Open       open_basedir is broken! Security alert!
7387 Assigned   weird problems with unquoted array subscripts
7419 Analyzed   .shtml server side include problem
7569 Analyzed   Transmuting indices
7576 Analyzed   socket() always fails with an "Unknown error"
7710 Open       include'ing doesn't work properly
7878 Open       intval base argument useless unless first arg is a string
7888 Analyzed   decrement syntax should be -- instead of -
8106 Analyzed   array_pop problem when using against an array returned from a class
8252 Assigned   $PATH_INFO instead of $PHP_SELF in CGI mode
8266 Assigned   Getting fatal error with xlst_process()
8414 Open       set_time_out() and max_execution_time description is not clear
8476 Open       Class documentaion request
8692 Open       Bad registry information
8719 Analyzed   session variable not working
8737 Open       Web incompatibilities list doesn't mention file uploads.
8799 Analyzed   snmp.dll displays error message on all generated pages
8969 Analyzed   Gettext does not work
9032 Open       Problems with shm_remove
9124 Open       fopen() yet supports HTTP redirects
9146 Analyzed   date() doesn't return the RFC 822 date
9186 Analyzed   string compare with "==" does not work correctly
9202 Open       Parse error when using terniary (?:) and unset()
9338 Open       in_array 'strict' parameter is not documented (properly)
9356 Assigned   settype thinks 0.2 and (1.2 - 1) have different values
===============================================[DOM XML related]==============
8922 Open       @xmldoc(...) doesn't quite suppress errors
===============================================[Dynamic loading]==============
2220 Assigned   dynamic module memory leaks cause SIGSEGV
3783 Analyzed   versioning + mysql impossible !
6681 Feedback   php hang when an extension DLL is uncommented
6689 Assigned   Apache dumps core when loading PHP dynamically
6922 Open       Cannot load /etc/httpd/modules/ into server
7031 Open       symbol ifx_checkAPI: referenced symbol not found
7376 Open       startup fails with undefined symbol: SSL_CTX_set_tmp_rsa_callback
7790 Open       can't start apache after compiling with --with-mcrypt
7940 Open       undefined symbol: bc_compare
8343 Open       Undefined symbols: _strtol when PHP4 compiled as DSO --with-mysql
8362 Feedback   php_oci8.dll wont load.
8386 Open       Dynamic module of ODBC
8540 Open       --enable-versioning and dynamic php extensions won't work on Solaris
8592 Open       couldn't make shared extension module using phpize.
8981 Feedback   Apache fails to load PHP module
9214 Bogus      Apache dumps core on startup
===============================================[FDF related]==================
7549 Open       fdf_next_field_name doesn't work
9006 Open       PHP 4.0.4pl1 Crashes when compiled with FDF support
9055 Open       Fatal System Error: Raise at top of Exception Stack
===============================================[Feature/Change Request]=======
 495 Open       GPC order on per-file basis
 745 Analyzed   <input type=image> and array variables
 979 Analyzed   [PEAR] Openmarket Transact support
 997 Open       can't use name in script tag
1027 Open       fprintf() please
1029 Open       printf (& sprintf) dosn't handle exponential format for floats 
1189 Open       SetCookie and Header error reporting improvement
1504 Open       New function to set the http status
1515 Analyzed   improving php standalone mode
1552 Open       show_source is extremely ugly and inefficient.
1571 Open       support for mknod(): pipe creation
1658 Open       Enhance Sybase-ct to fetch limited rows
1713 Open       copy() function allows copy files from anywhere in filesystem
1830 Open       Unpack() gives fatal error if not enough data.
2107 Open       Exec as TTY
2285 Open       default arguments skipping
2328 Open       I would like animated gif support within php.
2341 Open       expression evaluation - improvement
2352 Analyzed   Create subgroup of database functions
2483 Open       set_file_buffer return value
2541 Open       dl(string name) should not require the file extension for the module 
2807 Open       LOB descriptors with Fetch/Result and FetchInto
2931 Open       A request to add greater CSV file support
3066 Open       
3074 Analyzed   allow: foreach ($array as $key => &$val) in zend (byref)
3101 Open       safe mode also with GID
3149 Analyzed   Unable to pass "-" or "+" as parameter when running as command-line
3219 Suspended  GDTTF error
3275 Analyzed   [PEAR] ICQ support
3276 Open       Add PGP support
3284 Open       Add syntax extension to allow "htmlspecialchars($foo)" inside quoted 
3285 Open       Cannot feed command stdin and get output, etc.
3293 Open       You can't put multiple prepend/append files
3367 Open       PHP code callback during file upload
3427 Open       Too many \n in show_source
3457 Open       Function requests
3462 Analyzed   foreach behavior on a non-array
3514 Open       Private and Protected data in classes
3551 Open       base_convert()
3697 Analyzed   open_basedir prevents creating files with fopen
3708 Open       Have configure detect missing pieces of modules and generate warnings
3799 Suspended  default_charset brings small incompatibility
3830 Analyzed   Function to timeout/break off a function
3928 Open       shorthand notation for filling associative arrays, please
3942 Open       New switch - "XML well-formedness" (comply to XHTML/1.0 spec).
4089 Open       No bug, only a suggestion
4223 Analyzed   PHP calls MySQL with apache user instead of connected user
4346 Open       Suggestion for error trap in imagecreatefromjpeg
4426 Open       php when run w/ binfmt_misc does not work w/ apache
4548 Open       Sysloging and Error Reporting
4551 Open       Session Slow to save in Frameset
4587 Open       Would like exit and die to return an int
4612 Suspended  Too much of $this
4669 Open       Need a session_end() ??
4769 Open       Params passed by reference in extension functions
4822 Duplicate  Uploading in safe mode
4856 Open       have get_browser() not relying on external browscap.ini
4875 Open       array_merge() is unable to merge arrays with numeric keys
4884 Open       array merging(concat) with +
5007 Analyzed   enable no-resolve mode for here docs
5008 Open       readfile(), flag to read file into a string
5040 Open       Support for persistent HTTP/1.0 connections
5050 Analyzed   $php_errormsg not changed on errors inside functions
5127 Open       can´t use anything but a simple string with new (and var)
5142 Open       Allow properties and methods of a class to be declared as public or 
5153 Open       fopen("http://...") has no timeout
5169 Open       Missing recursive behavior
5174 Open       OCIBindByName doesn't need quoting in strings
5255 Open       gzuncompress is deflate
5278 Open       ob_* enhanced to use HTTP headers
5288 Open       bash style case for switch()
5301 Open       cosmetic change in phpinfo() output
5343 Open       a way of implementing class methods
5408 Open       foreach() should silently ignore non-array's passed to it
5422 Open       option to disable safe_mode restrictions in open_basedir directories
5435 Open       Request to update eval() or create new function.
5476 Open       crypt() function is not supported in windows build
5499 Open       MySQL/Module warning in CGI compile
5503 Open       Please allow access to the raw HTTP POST data (not just parsed form 
5521 Open       brushed and styled for GD
5560 Open       php.ini-optizimized install instructions
5562 Open
5563 Open       Cache
5575 Open       open_basedir to ~
5601 Analyzed   @function() should not turn of error reporting for critical errors
5639 Open       unable to locate imap client library?
5682 Open       Allow connection string in place of DSN for ODBC connections
5698 Analyzed   Non internal MySQL support won't ./configure nicely on Debian...
5748 Open       Suggestion for Installation
5804 Open       parser error if any spaces follow indentifier in with here doc syntax
5844 Open       Missing features from gd
5865 Open       fopen with ssl support
5883 Assigned   --enable-trans-sid modification request
5889 Analyzed   pack() does not take arrays
5907 Open       output cgi's php is bugged
5908 Open       POST file uploading and HTTP_POST_VARS
5917 Analyzed   return in OR statement alowed(like $a OR die("plop");
5919 Feedback   stri_replace() to compliment str_replace()
5954 Open       Informix can't reliably figure if a text result column is NULL
5960 Open       Output buffering and headers
5975 Open       enhancement of strip_tags needed
6019 Analyzed   Error with equal operator when comparing certain values
6082 Open       User defined error handler should be avare if function was prefixed 
with @
6090 Open       ftell() returns -1 (not false) if an error occurs.
6107 Analyzed   increments are magic, decrements not
6118 Open       Can not supress runtime warnings on foreach
6136 Open       Exception Handling
6160 Open       pg_notice( );
6193 Analyzed   new object makes a shallow copy
6222 Open       ora_fetch_array?
6238 Analyzed   var_dump() param for deactivating reference following
6268 Open       ternary op return only by value
6277 Duplicate  make parse_str() returning arrays
6305 Analyzed   when string contains "at", wrong time returned
6310 Open       Connect to ACCESS DB without a DSN
6339 Analyzed   invalid Sybase-link resource - problem with last opened link
6343 Open       enable pass by reference to be optional
6360 Open       Enable use of exported DLL functions
6368 Open       Bitwise NOT does not work
6371 Open       unicode feature request...
6380 Open       Session handlers should be allowed in objects
6399 Open       checkdate should be able to validate a time as well as a date 
6406 Open       request: fork() function
6418 Open       Multiple class extends ordering error
6427 Open       func_get_arg() does not support references
6446 Open       Session Array Variable Append
6503 Open       no support for multiple resultset query?
6512 Analyzed   sort() Does not sort stings as expected
6513 Open       get_browser() and $HTTP_USER_AGENT
6563 Open       OCIPLogon should check the connection
6574 Open       SMTP functions via IMAP c-client library
6584 Open       SNMP "get-next" function is missing
6602 Open       Failure to warn of duplicate class methods
6642 Open       Userspace exploit crashes web-serving machine
6701 Open       Use of http_proxy for fopen("http:// ...
6714 Open       email validation function
6725 Open       Spaces preceding line cause problems in PHP.ini
6746 Open       Support for Sybase bcp and large result sets
6768 Open       list() construct reference assignment
6771 Open       Import LIB files needed in Win32 distribution
6775 Open       Allow <?=$value?> as shortcut under XML with short_tags off
6787 Analyzed   read_exif_data returns data even without real exif date
6853 Open       is_link malfunction?
6859 Open       Need for a conversion table like HTMLENTITIES but with ASCII values.
6893 Open       feature request - makelinks() function
6906 Open       setting locale affects PHP code parser!
6911 Open       Problem with array_merge(_recursive)
6927 Suspended  
6932 Open       Filesize / File_exists and include_path
6989 Open       imap_sort interprets headers
6993 Open       uninstalling is a pain in the ass
7006 Open       preg_replace ( string pattern, array replacement, string subject );
7028 Analyzed   xml=shared and wddx do not work together
7095 Open       Unwanted content-type header
7121 Open       fopen() doesn't owerwrite files opened via a FTP connection
7132 Open       fsockopen doesn't report dns lookup failure
7213 Open       Read a file into a variable with one call
7217 Open       Security Problem with "include_dir" configuration
7276 Open       CVSup/rsync/easier patch access desired
7354 Open       Feature Request:  sort on single element arrays
7401 Analyzed   PHP4 doesn't work with UNC fileshares
7418 Open       Mac WWW upload error FIX
7440 Open       Print function calling stack
7463 Open       File Upload Feature Request
7480 Open       next(), end(), prev(), reset() etc. don't return references
7507 Open       Better ODBC error reporting/fetching
7535 Open       Entities missing in get_html_translation_table ( HTML_ENTITIES );
7541 Open       please consider also support HPUX shl_*
7553 Open       RFC: Uplevel Block structure
7559 Open       zend_hash_get_current_key_ex returning persistent strings
7568 Open       64-bit integers, 32-bit unsigned and 64-bit unsigned
7578 Open       next() and current() do not return referenceing arrays
7629 Assigned   Mail() fails when the email message has a "\n"
7741 Open       .cgi does not adhere to quasi-RFC
7766 Open       not OO until automatic class destructor is added
7775 Open       Wishlist - get IP address on sockets
7782 Open       Cannot use PATH_INFO fully with php isapi
7805 Open       N/A
7808 Open       variable value triggerd by function
7829 Open       hex2bin()?
7869 Open       parse_str produces no trapable value
7899 Open       Class selfdestruct
7923 Open       htmlentities doesn't work for ISO 8859-2
7930 Open       List() constructor reference assignment
7944 Open       Missing shared build options
7974 Open       N/A
8005 Open       --with-pgp
8006 Open       raw_mail() function
8007 Open       Getting Process ID from apache-child/cgi-thing
8009 Open       mysql_fetch_array and same Column Name
8017 Open       PHP ignores "If-Modified-Since" headers
8058 Open       
8070 Open       wish list: oci8.max_persist in php.ini
8074 Open       IPTC parse
8075 Open       Make Function/Method return value a "direct" object
8076 Open       Array === argv
8087 Open       fsockopen declaration
8100 Assigned   extract(), extra feature
8108 Analyzed   implement trans-sid as output handler
8109 Open       xslt_outout_begintransform() doesn't nest
8128 Open       more descriptive parse error reports
8187 Open       Partial FTP Downloads
8194 Open       Need for a "const" qualifier.
8197 Open       lack of socket() functions
8214 Open       Request for Signal Handling functions
8217 Open       long2ip gives result instead of correct value
8218 Open       str_replace() with count of replacements
8282 Open       Is there a function for this?
8290 Analyzed   allow func_*_arg?() functions as function parameters inside a function
8301 Open       Mail doesn't support -f
8325 Open       numeric strings used as keys are converted to longs
8328 Open       ucwords and ucfirst misbehaving with quotes
8373 Duplicate  foreach by reference
8377 Open       File uploads with POST methods takes full Server processing capacity 
and memory
8395 Open       register_shutdown_function() error
8397 Open       Multi-results sets are not suppported
8427 Open       Unwanted references
8428 Open       continue doesn't pass thru a switch statement
8447 Duplicate  foreach does not take "list" for value
8515 Open       Add function to read from stdin
8576 Open       implement C style __FUNCTION__ constant
8577 Open       i would kill for the ability to undefine()
8595 Open       More effective parsing of list() (+other)
8599 Open       a kind Exception handling
8640 Open       enumeration type
8644 Open       Include Signal catching for parse errors
8681 Open       Function arguments in 'global'
8685 Open       Here-Syntax problem
8687 Open       fopen : prepend 'p' option request
8717 Open       feature request: ftp_rawlist
8728 Open       Patch: usleep() working on win32 platforms
8779 Open       @foreach() does not denote error-message
8796 Analyzed   "$foo->bar->baz" ambiguity in double quoted strings
8809 Open       Cookieless session with Header redirects
8817 Suspended  $foo->getbar()->getfoobar()->method()
8849 Open       open_basedir doesn't apply to function 'copy'
8855 Open       session_start should return also FALSE
8860 Open       variable array not working
8863 Open       function to get constant values by variable name
8876 Open       fopen/file/readfile and HTTP-Redirect
8879 Open       iPlanet: setting doc_root etc. for virtual servers
8882 Open       Additional argument in funtion file($a, $b)
8897 Open       Significant portions of the InterBase API have no PHP representation.
8914 Open       How about proxy settings for remote file ops?
8948 Open       readline_completion_function enhance
8960 Open       Request for a more flexible Metaphone function
8963 Open       using shared PHP libraries in safe_mode
8974 Open       Blank lines in includes cause session errors
8978 Analyzed   Add a 'readonly' possibility to the session module
8982 Open       socket support not compiled
9022 Open       Selectable option for PHP_AUTH_PW
9023 Bogus      Automatic Page Reload/Refresh
9025 Open       ldap compare functions
9035 Open       Need a PHP_AUTH_REALM built-in variable
9084 Analyzed   url-activation for simple URLs
9095 Open       colon/semicolon delimitd extension_dir ?
9099 Assigned   please include one browscap.ini
9108 Open       ini_get_all()
9117 Assigned   output_handler = ob_gzhandler
9136 Analyzed   simple script with infinite function calls causes seg fault
9155 Open       set_error_handler() to accepts object/method tuple
9170 Open       session_start()  session_resume()  session_create()
9173 Open       getline
9187 Open       unable to use socket
9195 Open       Default class function arguments
9200 Open       strtolower handle arrays in addition to strings
9211 Open       URL and PHP Info/Options functions NEEDED
9212 Open       fpassthru ignoring output buffering
9250 Open       Nested Functions are BAD, they make for inefficient debugging
9253 Bogus      Class constructors can't return values
9262 Analyzed   Inconsistency  in the implementation of here-docs
9266 Analyzed   Unable to load 14 of php's extensions
9308 Open       Allow Unix to use Win32 only mail options
9309 Analyzed   update ereg function to return booleans instead of 0/1
9331 Suspended  No operator overloading available
9346 Bogus      
9374 Open       add an optional use_include_path to file_exists()
9417 Open       zend_eval_string() doesn't work like eval() :(
9423 Open       Please create a function that returns name of currently executing 
9434 Open       Command line argument, that trates as QUERY_STRING, isn't proper.
===============================================[filePro related]==============
9283 Open       Serialized data gets corrupted in DBM
===============================================[Filesystem function related]==
6921 Open       php://stdout not working with https
7242 Open       Function tmpfile() NOT Working  on MS. Windows NT
7432 Duplicate  fgetc() is not bin-safe on Windows
7597 Open       similar to #5375. when filtering double slashes from file upload
7860 Open       pb with copy($source,$dest) when $dest point on network disk
7894 Feedback   fopen won't open an URL
7918 Feedback   fopen fails to open file of form http://....
7960 Open       fopen or fclose troubles with 'php://stdin'
8027 Analyzed   diskfreespace always return 0 in FreeBSD
8338 Open       URL fopen fails 1st time used on page
8525 Feedback   fileupload bug
8579 Open       text files do not have \r\n translation from \n
8624 Open       fail to open "php://stderr"
8730 Open       fopen cant handle http requests.
8780 Open       difference in fwrite with cgi/apachemodule
8971 Open       fopen("","r") hangs my script
8973 Feedback   In php3 it works, in php4 goes on file permission denied..installation 
8995 Open       Linebreakes is added to form input
9024 Bogus      fread can't read whole file
9039 Open       Problem with file(), fopen() and url with parameters
9172 Open       fopen-wrapper does not work
9180 Open       readfile() with a URL can't take a port.
9182 Open       fopen() with port designated when opening a URL results in an error.
9208 Open       rename() not using current working directory
9249 Open       tempnam() may return bad filename
9254 Feedback   Problem in the MSVCRT.DLL file system occurs, when call to 
9286 Open       fopen fails to open "http://...." requests.
===============================================[FTP related]==================
5026 Open       ftp_size and transfer mode
8135 Open       FTP_FPUT can't use a HTTP Filepointer
8461 Feedback   ftp_put() some files will be sent, some files won't
8874 Open       ftp_nlist and rawlist not working
8999 Open       difference ftp_fget() cgi and module
===============================================[GD related]===================
7405 Analyzed   GD crashes Apache if PHP is running as module
7663 Open       Initialization problem at fontFetch()
7839 Open       imagecopymerge() doesn't work in gd 1.8+
8137 Open       images are converted to wbmp as a "negative"
8544 Open       ImageTTFText
8620 Open       Function ImageJPEG can't open temporary file if image filename is not 
8664 Open       Impossible to use ImageColorTransparent under certain conditions
8704 Open       I cant create images that are n x m pixels
8711 Open       When I call the the ImageTTFText Function I receive a Segmentation 
9028 Open       ImagePSText does not draw text
9098 Feedback   gd crashes Apache
9409 Open       ImageString rotates / mirrors / mangles text
9410 Open       php segfaults when ImageString-ed text overflows available image space
===============================================[Gettext related]==============
8555 Open       gettext crashing PHP
===============================================[HTTP related]=================
7450 Open       File upload doesn't work.
8210 Open       file upload
8273 Feedback   Can't submit a form with 50 <input file> tag
8440 Open       fopen on a url returns "success" as an error
8997 Feedback   Bad data from html forms
9424 Open       Setcookie don't work well
===============================================[IIS related]==================
5589 Duplicate  PHP 4.0.1,PL1&PL2 - IIS4.0 Hangs on startup when modules are compiled.
5918 Duplicate  ISAPI Module in IIS Hangs
5956 Duplicate  ISAPI will crash IIS4 and IIS5
6603 Feedback   ISAPI Several bugs
6620 Open       Inst'n should not be made for root web service
6704 Open       Authentication does not work with PHP4 ISAPI
6763 Open       Outlook web access doens't work when PHP Isapi filter is installed
6865 Duplicate  
6869 Feedback   ASP not working since I installed PHP
6890 Feedback   Problem executing external program
7069 Open       warning message + leak memory
7237 Open       PHP Isapi Filter fails after some consecutive uses
7449 Open       CGI Error when a php script isn't under c:\inetpub\wwwroot
7570 Feedback   "PHP has encountered an Access Violation at 014B7CA8"
7652 Open       Error "PHP has encountered an Access Violation at 012A12F3"
7701 Feedback   loads include files twice
7737 Open       Access Violation at 03F74CE6
7828 Open       PHP has encountered an Access Violation at 012C1AC3
7840 Open       Access Violation
7858 Feedback   Access Violation at 0D884CE6
7908 Open       Out of process application '/LM/W3SVC/4/Root' terminated unexpectedly
7910 Open       urlp arameters not available in the default page
7915 Duplicate  iis doesnt run asp if u have php also installed for it
7917 Feedback   ISAPI module hangs IIS5
7989 Open       "Access Violation" "persistent connection"
8060 Open       Access Violations at XXXXXXXX
8065 Open       Form POST results in HTTP 500 - Internal server error
8069 Open       It says "PHP has encountered an Access Violation at 015A7FEE"
8082 Feedback   cgi error with php.exe
8094 Open       ISS stops serving ASP and PHP files
8416 Feedback   Unable to load dynamic library
8434 Open       PHP has encountered an Access Violation at 01292466
8548 Open       PHP ISAPI ends with Internal Server Error
8571 Open       CGI application misbehaved
8649 Open       session.auto_start can't write to files in isapi mode
8650 Open       Warning: Server Error when using local smtp
8744 Open       call to header() causes CGI error
8813 Open       PHP locks MetaBase for extended periods.
8830 Open       Internal Server error at random intervals
8881 Duplicate  Cannot execute a programm with php
9119 Open       JVM execution problem
9122 Open       General Instability - Access Violations and so on
9215 Bogus      session variables
9247 Bogus      unable to load extension php_ldap.dll
9258 Open       Mail function hangs SMTP server
9317 Open       ASP doesn't work any more
9352 Bogus      any php which is opened over any.php+.htr will sent the source
9428 Open       CGI error when executing php script in a virtual directory
9435 Open       Unreproducable crash of PHP
===============================================[IMAP related]=================
2181 Open       imap_fetchstructure() don't set body->type when message is TYPETEXT
3337 Duplicate  imap_mail_compose() locks
4176 Feedback   IMAP can't open an POP3 mailbox over a proxy
5084 Assigned   imap_mail_compose produces a SigSegv
7486 Open       imap_uid does not return the uid
7497 Duplicate  imap_fetchbody function fails with forwarded messages.
7531 Open       imap_qprint faultly returns empty string
7532 Duplicate  imap_qprint faultly returns empty string
7670 Assigned   PHP crashes when accessing IMAP mailbox
7816 Open       Imap + mysql fails
8359 Open        imap_fetchheader and  FT_PREFETCHTEXT
8401 Feedback   imap_header
8452 Open       imap_fetchstructure problem
8481 Open       imap_rfc822_parse_adrlist is too STRICT
8625 Open       can not use imap_open to authenticate with a pop3 server
8875 Open       crash - Signal 11
8949 Open       imap_8bit() does not encode leading dots correctly
9209 Open       imap_fetchstructure doesnt return envelope of 'message/rfc822'-subparts
9333 Open       imap_fetchstructure()
9335 Open       configure fails to add -lc-client
===============================================[Informix related]=============
6163 Open       Unable to compile with INFORMIX
6798 Assigned   IFX queries fail, SQLCODE -480 (dup. descriptors)
7149 Open       Warning: ifx_connect : E [SQLSTATE=IX 000 SQLCODE=-25560]
7152 Open       Can't close a connexion to a database
7173 Open       Invalid IFX link resource
7733 Open       missing /ext/informix/php_informix.h
8267 Open       Warning: ifx_pconnect : E [SQLSTATE=IX 000 SQLCODE=-439]
8550 Open       make doesent work
8715 Open       ifx_get_blob ifx_fetch_row and NULLS
8767 Open       user name prepended to table names in query
8784 Open       using Informix with PHP CGI
8789 Open       PHP can't compile: libtool library
9270 Open       Informix Remote Host Connection
===============================================[InterBase related]============
6091 Open       Work with 2 or more IBase DB cause segmentation fault
6976 Assigned   ibase_query can't execute SQL statements that can't be prepared
7014 Assigned   ibase_query (rest of php_interbase.dll?)
7776 Feedback   unable to load php_interbase.dll
8142 Open       on exit() from method, interbase makes a mess with transaction ids
8450 Feedback   Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid InterBase result resource
8517 Open       BLOB functions don't work with IB6
8604 Open       ibase_blob_import() return pure binary string, unusable in INSERT INTO 
8713 Open       Compatible with InterBase ver.<6.0
8797 Open       There is no way to use REC_VERSION transaction parameter
9257 Assigned   Problem with values returned from a select statement
===============================================[LDAP related]=================
8651 Open       Linking with bundled Solaris libldap not supported
8714 Open       Adding LDAP entries drops credentials if update is referred
8929 Open       ldap modify and add operations send trailing garbage to iplanet in dn's
9019 Open       Segmentation fault using ldap_mod_del()
9351 Feedback   LDAP_SEARCH
===============================================[Mail related]=================
3248 Analyzed   mail function putting wrong timezone info in message header?
5185 Duplicate  Mail() function doesn't work properly in win32 version...
6537 Assigned   mail() does not seem to handle SMTP multi-line responses
7068 Open       fails when 'to:' argument has the form "Name <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>"
7447 Open       BCC or CC does not work
7458 Duplicate  FATAL: emalloc(): Unable to allocate -11773805 bytes
7467 Duplicate  Unable to set Cc: and Bcc: extra headers
7702 Open       mail fail sending with external smtp server
8734 Open       Unable to send large emails, causes a GPF - small email work fine.
8747 Open       Cant send a file with more than 2607 octets
8909 Open       PHP generates the Date: header line with a bad timezone
9242 Open       base64_encode, decode and imap_binary
===============================================[Math related]=================
7755 Suspended  bitwise and misbehaving with & 0xffffff00
8646 Open       rand() or getrandmax() is broken
8961 Analyzed   Omited Math Function
9151 Bogus      base_convert interprets letters w,x,y,z as 0
9248 Bogus      float,int multiplication problem when using sprintf
9411 Bogus      Arithmetic error
===============================================[mcrypt related]===============
8839 Assigned   Blowfish encryption not "correct"
8942 Feedback   memory leak
9163 Open       mcrypt_list_algorithms doesn't work
9241 Assigned   segfault/core dump using libmcrypt 2.4.9
9324 Assigned   libmcrypt 2.4.9 causes problems
9383 Assigned   mcrypt 2.4.9 function causes Apache to segfault
===============================================[mSQL related]=================
5986 Open       Combination of msql() and msql_connect() causes lost connections.
6827 Assigned   End of generated html is truncated on large page
7301 Duplicate  Error in msql_result: reproducible
===============================================[MSSQL related]================
7088 Open       mssql_fetch_row
7481 Open       When accesing to data with mssql_query php crashes. Seems  a pointer 
7538 Analyzed   mssql_fetch_object
7780 Open       Return of "Text" field returns only 4kB, but only in ISAPI-Mode
7881 Open       sybase-ct does not report server errors
8055 Duplicate  doesn't recognize ntext data type
8086 Open       query link identifiers are not usable
8349 Open       Accessing a text field
8398 Open       Php can not get any message from RAISEERROR
8541 Feedback   Fieldtype doesn't work with PHP
8627 Open       mssql_query and stored procedures
8642 Open       mssql fetch array bug
8755 Open       DLL gives Access violation
8777 Open       Error in mssql_query
8783 Open       mssql_query() function returns empty result after succesfull UPDATE or 
8810 Open       Access violation with mssql.allow_persistent = on
8920 Open       child pid 934 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)
9171 Open       Query Timeout
9244 Open       sybase-ct does not report MSSQL-server errors
9379 Open       mssql_query can't get result
9402 Open       never ending cycle
===============================================[MySQL related]================
6540 Duplicate  mysql.sock not found on OpenBSD
6568 Duplicate  phpMyAdmin 2.1.0/ No Database Selected
6569 Duplicate  phpMyAdmin 2.1.0/ No Database Selected
6598 Analyzed   Memory overflow
6981 Open       --with mysql gives "undefined symbol: uncompress"
7075 Duplicate  Contador no busca los demás registros
7244 Open       Problem with LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE
7634 Open       mysql_pconnect() + lock tables can hang server
8342 Duplicate  Invalid "MySQL: Unable to save result set..." error
8352 Open       mysql_field_len on a decimal field only report the length before the 
8432 Open       Can't connect database (Mysql 3.23.29). If mysql compiled with charset 
8507 Feedback   Can't connect to MySQL 3.22.32
8616 Open       mysql.default_socket not initialized properly -> crash with access 
8634 Open       problem with multiple mysql links mysql_connect mysql_close
8668 Feedback   Mysql_connect Error!
8766 Open       couldn't connect to MySQL server which has default character set cp1251
8831 Open       a script works on 2 servers I use, and doesn't work on a third one
8890 Open       Will not correctly update MySQL database when using WML and PHP and 
8950 Bogus      php_mysql_do_connect -> parameter host modified when using port or 
8951 Feedback   php_mysql_do_connect -> parameter host modified when using port or 
9047 Open       Icelandic Special Character invalid
9049 Open       mysqlconnect works, but mysql_query says invalid resource - with 
4.0.3pl1 okay
9110 Bogus      SELECT DISTINCT broken
9135 Open       Could not establish connection
9142 Open       Charset error
9158 Bogus      Mysql client version
9188 Feedback   it seems that mysql-module doesn't support any charsets except latin1
9216 Open       Filename length makes php "cause an error in php4ts.dll"
9245 Duplicate  mysql_connect, mysql_pconnect do not report errors if there are any.
9252 Open       Bad database name leaves open connection
9274 Open       Error with inserting a binary data into database
9329 Feedback   MySQL Connection Failed
===============================================[Network related]==============
7880 Open       PHP_URL_FOPEN doesn't work
8856 Open       gethostbyname returns hostname instead of adress
8884 Feedback   gethostbyaddr returns a 15 chars string IP when an error occurs
8994 Open       socket_set_timeout works only once
===============================================[OCI8 related]=================
5945 Feedback   PHP (CGI) + IIS4  Hangs When connecting to Oracle
6089 Open       ociplogon sometimes gives bus error
6585 Analyzed   OCILogOff
7157 Open       Cannot Suppot both Oracle and Informix
7306 Duplicate  segfault when binding undefined php variable with a BLOB hostvar
7575 Open       php stops working correctly !
7847 Open       OCI8 support with Oracle 8.1.5 doesn't work
8153 Feedback   ora-12154 problem
8232 Feedback   12154 oci_open_server
8246 Duplicate  OCILogOff() cann't free the conection with Oracle8
8265 Feedback   Compile fails for oci8 with Oracle 8.0.4 - missing libs
8330 Bogus      Crash
8482 Open       undefined symbol: slpmprodstab
8561 Feedback   memory leak
8630 Feedback   impossible to write and read thai language in an oracle database
8708 Feedback   special chars insertion into oracle / NLS_LANG ?
9318 Feedback   Lots of ORA-24324 warning in apache error_log
9367 Open       OCI Connection is disable
===============================================[ODBC related]=================
2976 Open       odbc_execute miss-use SQLBindParameter
3859 Open       Null values in ODBC Databases
5332 Analyzed   ODBC Connect Fails for Sybase SQLanywhere DB
5482 Open       ODBC Support lacks ability to pass named parameters for MS Access
5594 Open       Can't connect ORACLE using ORACLE ODBC ver
5595 Open       ORACLE ODBC ver can't make subselects and funcition 
5755 Feedback   odbc_tables() does not work properly
6018 Open       Concating columns in Ms Access 2000 - fatal error
6105 Feedback   odbc_pconnect returns 'not a valid ODBC-Link resource'
6275 Open       ODBC_Prepare/ODBC_Execute fails with parameters
6294 Open       Strange behaviour when using DB2
6342 Open       Can't connect to Oracle DB via ODBC
6364 Bogus      Can not use odbc functions with iODBC and Openlink
6628 Open       MS-Access: insert statement only exec'd once
6734 Open       SQL Error In using ODBC connection to Oracle
6762 Open       Incorrect ARGC in function odbc_columns - php_odbc.c
6843 Open       Select from Array
6861 Open       Intermittent Error Message appearing (possible memory leak?)
6901 Open       odbc_columns
6936 Open       Can not resolve TNS NAMES with ORALCE connection
7067 Open       Using the SQL command Max() crashes IIS every single time
7135 Analyzed   misbehavior of print and sprintf AGAIN
7158 Open       odbc_autocommit($id) crashes php.exe
7273 Open       odbc_connect causes a segmentation fault
7274 Open       odbc_execute does not accept new arguments when failing
7339 Open       ODBC with Oracle and Apache,  Server rejected the connection
7437 Open       Long memo fields are truncated
7488 Open       Pass-by-reference problem
7563 Open       cannot find database or driver
7653 Open       openlink - query error
7673 Open       PHP crashes when odbc_result is given a result ID as its second 
7807 Open       core dump
7857 Open       odbc_exec crashes php
7922 Analyzed   Loss of Connection and crash on odbc_execute
8227 Open       odbc_field_name don't get tab1.field tab2.field back
8303 Open       ODBC open & close (3 lines script !) repeatedly cause NT crash.
8340 Duplicate  Unable to handle MS SQL's ntext data type. Fails with FATAL: 
emalloc(): Unable
8346 Open       DB2 CLI do not support SQL_CURSOR_DYNAMIC
8358 Open       SOUNDEX, MSSQL, and EXTENDED_FETCH with OpenLink
8516 Open       Random errors using multiple queries
8531 Open       $value = odbc_autocommit($handle) core dump
8612 Open       Incorrect retrieval of data
8631 Open       Unreadable error message when unable to connect to IBM DB2
8636 Open       $value = odbc_autocommit($handle) return FALSE for error and 
autocommit off
8811 Open       DB2 SQLColumns() doens't work by default.
8941 Open       Openlink/ODBC cannot parse complex queries
9065 Open       Openlink4 connections worthless under Redhat
9193 Open       Oracle via ODBC don't work
9224 Open       odbc_errormsg not implimented?
9255 Bogus      INSERT SQL command doesnt work
9256 Open       INSERT SQL command doesnt work
9261 Open       odbc to an oracle 'view' fails
9272 Open       odbc_close issues warning on persistent connection (includes patch)
9284 Open        odbc_execute , SQL state 07001 in SQLExecute
9295 Open       Error passing DATE to OpenLink
9334 Open       Oracle8 connect by ODBC
9397 Feedback   odbc_setoption() cannot accept string value (patch included)
===============================================[Oracle related]===============
7446 Open       Apache/WinNT/Oracle client 7.3/oracle dll
9230 Open       PHP cannot connect to remote Oracle databases
9251 Bogus      Fatal error: Call to undefined function: ocilogon()
9276 Bogus      ORA-00904
===============================================[Other web server]=============
1752 Suspended  phpinfo(): images (php, zend) and Link to credits don't work
5653 Open       with setcookie(), only the last cookie is written
6581 Open       Buggy isapi PATH_INFO() under Zeus
7016 Open       Error when starting iPlanet
7163 Open       Random "Failed opening" errors for both php pages and 
included/required files
7282 Open       "No input file specified." when run as a CGI
7383 Open       configure script error - can't find pike modules directory
7451 Open       thttpd 2.20b and php4.0.3pl1, php.ini isn't read
7615 Open       Session management in thttpd / proxy problem
7665 Open       php4isapi.dll: ServerFunc() HSE_MAP_URL_TO_PATH_EX - is not presently 
7689 Open       After install 4.0.3pl1 no interpretation from  .php file
7951 Open       Can't connect to MySQL from PHP script under OrionServer (Socket 
8030 Open       Cropping of long pages with thttpd/php
8376 Open       IPlanet 4.1 fails to load PHP module
8654 Feedback   Servlet.init() for servlet php threw exception
8727 Open       Post problem with thttpd
8859 Open       php4 tries to output strings of length 0 which leads to immediate 
8888 Open       Authentication in iPlanet Fails
8898 Open       #!/path/php at top of CGI script appears in output (Netscape 
Enterprise Server)
8904 Open       Segfault with phpMyadmin
8990 Open       PHP as servlet crashes, Java trying to call php4ts.dll with entry 
point error
9131 Open       PHP_AUTH* empty with Caudium
9169 Open       Default html file is not showing anymore
9342 Open       508 Bad Gateway Error
===============================================[Output Control]===============
8334 Feedback   Segmentation faults on page load
8509 Duplicate  ob_start doesn't work when passing ob_gzhandler as the function
8512 Duplicate  SIGSEGV when output_handler set to ob_gzhandler
8536 Assigned   ob_start() is not working with virtual() function
9031 Open       ob_gzhandler memory leak and Headers already sent message!
9231 Assigned   when usign ob_gzhandler HTTP HEAD does not work
===============================================[PCRE related]=================
8794 Open       preg_grep changed behavior by design?
8988 Bogus      preg_grep return array returns incorrect array indices
===============================================[PDF related]==================
8310 Open       Coredump when running php
8469 Feedback   function pdf_setlinewidth does not work at all.
8699 Open       linking errors
===============================================[Performance problem]==========
5921 Duplicate  CPU at 100% with php.exe and ISAPI
6608 Open       sizeof($array) extremly slow in loop. 90% cpu util
7747 Open       after opening a socket and while reading from it php start growing 
CPU/MEM usag
7796 Feedback   Slow reqursive functions with MySQL
7848 Open       IMAP is very slow in CGI version
7924 Open       ob_get_contents perfomance
8770 Open       "Cannot find server" error on  IE broswer  when submitting form on a 
secure sit
8782 Duplicate  scripts run from CGI output "#!/usr/local/bin/php" line
8889 Open       Memory is not being freed.
8931 Open       Memory leaks attributable to OO PHP
8945 Feedback   include, require, et al.
9071 Open       
9132 Feedback   4.0.3pl1 takes too much memory (about 36 megs VSZ).
9154 Open       HTTPD Memory Utilization Spike
9294 Open       File uploads take ~70 times longer than downloading files on 
9407 Open       Memory Problem while using self referencing objects...
9427 Open       PHP hangs when packets aren't returned when using session_start()
===============================================[PHP options/info functions]===
6317 Duplicate  php.ini not processed
7227 Open       Incorrect values in phpinfo for error_*pend_string
7317 Open       Configuring --with-sablot doesn't add "--with-sablot" to phpinfo()
7842 Open       doc_root setting behavior is wrong
7937 Duplicate  error_**pend_string in phpinfo shows off even when on
8174 Open       Logfile entries written to php.ini, arbitrary files
8584 Open       ini_set creating untrue local values
8959 Bogus      Use of Zend Optimizer w/ CGI SAPI causes echo of #!php at script start
9166 Feedback   upload_tmp_dir not recognized
9210 Open       Failed opening 'path' for inclustion in unknow line 0
9299 Open       magic quotes On - always
9386 Open       set_error_handler() doesn't always catch errors
===============================================[PostgreSQL related]===========
7007 Analyzed   The pg_close function doesn't close the connection.
7931 Feedback   Undefined symbol "_PQconnectdb"
8053 Open       PGSQL doesn't detects on FBSD4
8317 Open       postgresql table uppercase field name
8769 Open       Persistent connections aren't closed when using dynamically loaded 
9185 Open       postgresql backend process become stale after php page loads
9273 Open       feature request: pg_cancel()
9355 Feedback   Under 4.0.0 developed system with newer php doesn't work properly.
===============================================[Program Execution]============
5410 Analyzed   system() and related functions don't produce output anymore
8067 Feedback   OCI8 and Apache bug with: exec, system, passthru and backticks
8077 Open       Exec, passthru, system bugs for php ISAPI & CGI
8248 Open       system function cannot support "&"
8400 Duplicate  Problem with exec(), system(), passthru() and backtick operator
8436 Open       functions exec() and system() does not work properly (?)
8465 Duplicate  Cannot exec, system, passthru, backticks
8530 Duplicate  system, exec and friends "unable to fork"
8652 Duplicate  exec and system always return -1
8785 Open       using Informix with PHP CGI
8962 Open       (8212) If the result of an exec() command is one character the result 
is empty.
9042 Open       Patch for exec() - one character output doesn't work
9069 Open       "Unable to fork" error when trying to use external program execution.
9128 Open       Memory Leak or Memory Problem.
===============================================[Pspell related]===============
8133 Analyzed   pspell_new() in Apache module segfaults
8464 Open       PHP SIGABRT's using pspell functions
===============================================[PWS related]==================
6863 Open       $QUERY_STRING doesn't always evaluate
6919 Open       URL parameter decoding
7512 Open       System restart required
8820 Open       PHP breaks ASP
8826 Open       Requests
===============================================[Recode related]===============
9223 Open       recode_string leaks memory
===============================================[Regexps related]==============
8129 Bogus      ereg returns incorrect results
===============================================[Reproduceable crash]==========
2934 Open       Segfault with Openlink
4965 Open       psp4isapi.dll crashes inetinfo.exe on service start
5711 Duplicate  isapi crashes
5900 Duplicate  Apache(apxs w/ php) fails to start
6239 Open       object comparison w circular references leads to crash
6433 Open       'document contains no data' - error
6502 Open       php4isapi "Dr Watsons" IIS when installed as filter
6606 Feedback   Crash when returning NULL as a reference value
7020 Duplicate  Page fault in php4ts.dll
7090 Open       PHP, IIS, and Exchange don't get along
7219 Duplicate  Mysql-related stack fault with PHP 4.0.3
7361 Open       document contains no data...
7582 Open       ODBC or die inside user defined functions
7622 Open       Servlet API. VM crashes with session_start()
7624 Open       Servlet crashes
7650 Feedback   called uninitialized function pointer
7746 Feedback   exit or die function crash PHOP4 CGI
7779 Open       ODBC query : select distinct ...
7913 Open       crash on http HEAD when ob_start used in index.php
7972 Feedback   Segmentation fault
7984 Feedback   Apparent memory access problem after object assignment causes PWS to 
8091 Feedback   Segfaulting apache with passthru
8131 Feedback   Access Violation with php4isapi
8157 Duplicate  date() 'T' format element crashes Apache
8175 Feedback   reproducable core with everything: <?phpinfo()?>
8186 Open       PHP4 module causes Apache 1.3.14 to core dump with SIGBUS fault
8190 Feedback   Crash on parse error
8312 Suspended  apache child crashes when calling include or require functions
8323 Open       php.exe crash when trying to pass command-line vars via URL
8369 Duplicate  Apache segfaults when output_handler = ob_gzhandler is used
8371 Open       Crashes as CGI program
8383 Feedback   array_unique() causes core dump
8384 Duplicate  Error enabling ob_gzhandler
8392 Open       crash with --enable-debug, backtrace sourcefile
8393 Duplicate  crash with --enable-debug, backtrace sourcefile
8404 Feedback   Crash with libmcrypt-2.4.7-shared
8448 Duplicate  Apache segfaults when output_handler = ob_gzhandler is used
8459 Open       PHP's crash JVM after a few requests
8471 Suspended  Crash on infinite recursive calls.
8521 Open       php -l invalid page fault in module PHP4TS.DLL
8554 Duplicate  ob_gzhandler
8557 Feedback   apache fails to start after compiling PHP - "can't load"
8570 Open       php_java causes inetinfo memory address error
8589 Open       drwatson32 make a dump when stop apache service
8621 Open       be careful with interactive cmd line mode
8641 Open       sig 11 when apache2 inits php
8647 Feedback   php.exe exception: access violation address: 0x1008e6a1 on or after 
8663 Open       Script with incorrect syntax crashes php4ts.dll (seems similar to 
8672 Open       Crash when returning a variable from function as argument
8729 Open       popen with >> crashes Win98
8812 Open       Calling zend_error during module shutdown causes PHP to crash.
8825 Open       failure during page load
8846 Analyzed   gmdate() causes crash. Using Apache + Win2K
8850 Open       Crash when trying to view tables in phpMyAdmin
8858 Open       Mac line endings cause error message with '?'
8868 Open       Crash in zend_hash when compiled --with-servlet
8885 Open       Child processes hang on exit
8899 Open       crash when include_once("") contains empty string
8938 Open       Segfaults
8944 Feedback   php.exe crashes for no apparent reason...
9003 Feedback   mod_ssl + php4.0.4pl1 crash
9016 Open       PHP/Apache seg fault when serializing complex objects
9038 Duplicate  Terminating Apache service with php4apache.dll loaded crashes Apache
9051 Feedback   $variable = () crashes the server
9061 Open       SIGSEGV in session write
9067 Open       Parser hangs/crashes on die(); or exit;
9103 Feedback   error starting apache 3.1.17 on Addmodule mod_php4.c
9106 Open       Floating Point and Arithmetic Exception crashes
9204 Feedback   Crash when I opent a particular page
9227 Open       php module crashes without content-type header.
9259 Open       crash when accessing shared memory + more info on bug #8985
9264 Open       Using session_encode with user-level session storage functions causes 
a crash
9305 Open       Inetinfo crash at shutdown
9310 Feedback   apache segfault with simple php script (using mysql)
9312 Bogus      php -l causes segmentation fault
9332 Open       Crash in phpinfo with Netscape LDAP
===============================================[Sablotron XSL]================
7631 Open       Log file created but not written to.
8261 Duplicate  Get error 2 when using xslt_process for no apparant reason
8412 Open       transformations hang
8895 Open       xslt_process() documentation problem
9105 Open       Incorrect path used
9399 Open       php won't compile with sablotron 0.51-- ld: cannot find -lxmltok
===============================================[Scripting Engine problem]=====
2086 Suspended  include() does not find files in the include path
2892 Analyzed   php -a (interactive mode) doesn't call functions
3923 Duplicate  User defined functions being cached?
4063 Duplicate  Parser when detect error display wrong script name and line when it 
found error
5375 Analyzed   File upload problems
5404 Analyzed   String conversion to integer is incorrect
5686 Duplicate  require and include randomly do not load pages
5766 Duplicate  ISAPI threadsafeness
5863 Duplicate  Fatal Error. cant run php files
5987 Duplicate  PHP crashes when using mktime()
6003 Duplicate  Server Crashes Completely
6231 Analyzed   Reference parsing problem
6260 Suspended  xor operator not working correctly
6329 Duplicate  Detecting end tag in a comment.
6385 Analyzed   __FILE__ returns lowercased filenames
6417 Analyzed   Possibly incorrect behaviour with references and arrays
6491 Open       $PHP_SELF evaluates to improper address if directory name ends with 
6546 Duplicate  Header Problem
6554 Analyzed   file_exists not working with UNC names
6662 Analyzed   array keys of type real not allowed?
7342 Analyzed   Different config-op parsing in php.ini and http.conf
7363 Analyzed   @include supresses parse errors within included file
7515 Assigned   very weird, magic, invisible referencing
7641 Open       cgi binary with "enable-discard-path" fails with empty doc_root value
7706 Open       HTML & PHP documents return "Document contains no data"
7744 Open       safe mode php wrong script uid
7973 Open       Safe Mode absolute path behaviour changed
7981 Duplicate  Safe Mode absolute path behaviour changed
8032 Open       array_splice made array keys bad
8033 Duplicate  parse error
8130 Open       Changing a copy of an array affects the original
8388 Open       4.0.4 fails on basic authentication
8396 Open       "document not found"
8449 Open       register_globals=on and track_vars=on produce strange results for 
8500 Duplicate  double constants with different locale
8506 Open       CGI PHP doesn't erase the #!/path/to/php
8514 Feedback   function returning references changes other vars
8565 Analyzed   parent:: doesn't work with nested include/require
8594 Feedback   dbase_get_record_with_names disconnect HTTP con
8601 Feedback   PHP pages never show as fully loaded
8657 Open       Errormessage on the Browser if using UNC path notation for document 
8661 Open       a copy of the internal array elements is sometimes not made
8768 Open       'continue' inside of 'switch' statement acts like 'break' instead of 
8790 Open       set global in function
8853 Open       PHP Crashes in pages that has includes
8936 Open       Script containing characters with code >128 don't get POSTed variables
8937 Open       unset() in context with GLOBAL
8972 Open       Referenced variables and unset()
9005 Open       Static classes sometimes have a $this pointer
9012 Duplicate  PHP don't execute UNC path
9093 Bogus      if(1) fails
9109 Open       Comments and regular expressions make problems
9116 Open       PHP will stop returing anything in NES 4.1 SP1
9152 Open       undefined function not signaled
9156 Open       stripslashes doesn't work as expected
9164 Bogus      wrong variable is initialized
9203 Open       flock doesn't work properly on Windows 2000
9269 Open       Premature end of script headers error
9304 Bogus      require function generates error
9307 Open       Numeric-looking array keys are forced to be integers
9316 Open       calling an external function in a loop
9320 Open       ?> is always the last (even in strings!!!)
9365 Open       Problem with muiti-byte char code set (serious)
9369 Open       Bug in foreach, reference (See Bug ID#9365, too)
===============================================[Semaphore related]============
8608 Feedback   shm_write causes segfault
8985 Open       shm_put_var wont put the given var into memory
===============================================[SNMP related]=================
9401 Open       Unable to set remote SNMP port
===============================================[Sockets related]==============
1432 Open       fgets() fails on certain sockets
5480 Open       set_socket_blocking($fp, False) don't work !
6200 Open       fputs doesn't send, do not fflush after fgets.
6778 Open       fsockopen: timeout does not work when nameserver unreachable
6914 Open       persistent socket connection failure
7290 Open       AF_UNIX connect segfaults + sockets.c read is not binary safe (why?)
7343 Duplicate  php_read() problems : more infos
7359 Open       php_read() function works bad
7420 Open       Still problem with fsockopen - fgets - fputs
7423 Open       XPG4_2 required?!?
7723 Open       pfsockopen doesn't read more than one time
7726 Open       missing SUN_LEN and msg_flags in struct msghdr
7786 Open       cannot use fsockopen to open a connection, errNO is 0, errMsg is NULL
7874 Duplicate  Errror on getmxrr and checkdnsrr
7971 Open       Unable to open web sites using fope()n command
8028 Open       Socket read failure
8170 Open       fsockopen and fopen with ip address not active
8283 Feedback   Impossible to connect to socket made by other unix daemon...
8600 Open       --enable-socket option does not compile on Solaris 7/8
8667 Open       sockets
8722 Open       non blocking sockets reading doesn't work on WIN32
8761 Open       read() on udp-sockets fails
8775 Open       pfsockopen - socket_get_status has EOF set.. feof() returns false
9082 Feedback   getpeername() causes seg fault
9190 Open       Can't bind UNIX socket
9303 Open       read() called with 'length' parameter reads until byte with ascii 10 
or 13
9327 Open       Request to php.exe generates two Failure Audit Object Access errors in 
NT log
9347 Open       php_read does not handle O_NONBLOCK correctly
9436 Open       SUN_LEN and hstrerror undefined
===============================================[Strings related]==============
8834 Open       crypt() starts from not random salt
8998 Open       htmlspecialchars() DONT convert a string/array ONCE
9120 Open       unexpected behavior of chop(), ltrim(), rtrim(), and trim()
9168 Open       unpack 'h' and 'H' formats don't work
9297 Open       sprintf ("%f", $foo) crashes with very large $foo.
9302 Open       Fallo en la funcion sscanf
===============================================[Sybase (dblib) related]=======
5323 Analyzed   Accessing the array returned by sybase_fetch_array() crashes php.
5418 Analyzed   Bug in detection of dbm causes conflict with Sybase dbopen()
5842 Open       Lost result (not printing all chars from table)
6069 Open       new sybase pconnect function with char set does not work with freetds
6391 Open       charset error
6484 Open       Segmentation fault when querying image type fields.
6505 Open       apache fails with php4 & freetds
6797 Open       Syscharsets: name = '[  &k'
7252 Open       Intermittent Segfault when running sybase_connect or sybase_pconnect
8126 Open       undefined symbol: dbopen
8324 Open       sybase_connect() returns 1 whether the login and password is correct 
or not
===============================================[Sybase-ct (ctlib) related]====
5684 Analyzed   PHP Intermittently reports "Unable to allocate connection record"
6571 Open       memory leak when selecting text type fields
7246 Open       Using Sybase function(s) makes php to crash
7398 Open       Stored procedure error return values not passed through
7609 Analyzed   New connections made
7792 Open       -lsybctl failure at FreeTDS
8151 Open       Restart apache server, FreeTDS stop running ? Help 911 !!!
8251 Open       Sybase Messages Below Minimum Severity
8269 Duplicate  Compile cant find Sybtcl .... Help!
8313 Open       the sysbase type float(15) is handled incorrectly
8568 Open       charset parameter on sybase_connect dos is disallowed
8808 Open       sybase_connect() problem
8821 Open       sybase_connect()
8836 Open       memory fault after sybase_connect
8954 Open       compiling with sybase-ct fails
9130 Open       Connecting with sybase server makes php crash
===============================================[Unknown/Other Function]=======
5694 Duplicate  system(), exec(), passthru() pass the command, but do not output 
6421 Open       PEAR - error emulating prepare/execute with PostgreSQL
6640 Duplicate  Pack/Unpack problem
6737 Duplicate  gettype of 'user function' returns null
6880 Feedback   PHP and Java VM
6925 Open       ext/java
7311 Duplicate  unable to fork when doing a system call
7472 Analyzed   problem with strip_tags() function
7623 Open       Servlet API - 'output_buffering=On' writes output to shell
7947 Feedback   Problems with function sleep()
7970 Feedback   Invalid Memory Access
8097 Open       printf() and float data vs.setlocale()
8212 Open       If the result of an exec() command is one character the result is 
8280 Feedback   Segmentation violation
8314 Open       Setting the error_log = syslog does not work on Win2k
8413 Open       connection_status() returns 0 on timeout
8632 Feedback   Error Message
8639 Feedback   fopen always return true in some case
8691 Open       Periodically recieve "Unable to create Java Virtual Machine" when 
running test
8753 Open       Dynamic load library error
8832 Open       CGI differerent from ISAPI
8921 Open       Require() function : filename string not terminated correctly 
8964 Bogus      spaces befor form variables
8966 Open       Newline before variables in forms with ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data"
9056 Open       NoClassDefFoundError with Java and HTTP/1.1
9096 Analyzed   #! line in a script is outputed in script
9097 Open       browscap is not working again
9139 Bogus      Broken link from your website
9147 Feedback   bugs in post using multipart/form-data
9160 Feedback   When using the include() function, the file being included is cached 
by php
9289 Open       Command line argument list inaccurate
9306 Open       while and multiple conditions
9357 Open       PHP won't use the method "post"
9371 Open       system() give unable to fork error
9372 Bogus      system() give unable to fork error
9384 Open       fatal errors bypass user defined error handler
9393 Bogus      unable to load php_mssql70.dll
9425 Open       file upload appends content-type header to beginning of binary file
9426 Open       Form variables encoding problem
9431 Open       httpd processes using excessive cpu
===============================================[URL related]==================
1249 Open       url_parse() is a bit too strict
9420 Open       url created arrays and isset
===============================================[Variables related]============
8495 Bogus      Bug #6818 continued
9240 Feedback   unserialize fails non-determenistic on large objects
9416 Open       ereg_replace returns "Warning: Invalid content of \{\}"
===============================================[XML related]==================
7409 Open       xml_parse has a limit of 16 attributes on Windows
===============================================[YP/NIS related]===============
6559 Open       yp_first() and yp_next() results handled wrong in ext/yp/yp.c
8041 Open       yp_first and yp_next Return Different Array Formats

Assigned bugs: (reminders sent)
derick          4761: exec, system all give an error on a fork...
derick          8839: Blowfish encryption not "correct"
derick          9241: segfault/core dump using libmcrypt 2.4.9
derick          9324: libmcrypt 2.4.9 causes problems
derick          9383: mcrypt 2.4.9 function causes Apache to segfault
sas             6121: Transparent Session ID doesn't pick up redirects
sas             5883: --enable-trans-sid modification request
andre           9068: Bugs in OO which are leaking memory...
andre           9099: please include one browscap.ini
andre           9117: output_handler = ob_gzhandler
andre           8536: ob_start() is not working with virtual() function
andre           9231: when usign ob_gzhandler HTTP HEAD does not work
andre           7515: very weird, magic, invisible referencing
phanto          7691: unable to pass an array to COM object.
zeev            5661: undeclared function
zeev            2220: dynamic module memory leaks cause SIGSEGV
zeev            6827: End of generated html is truncated on large page
jmoore          7387: weird problems with unquoted array subscripts
jmoore          8252: $PATH_INFO instead of $PHP_SELF in CGI mode
sterling                8266: Getting fatal error with xlst_process()
                9356: settype thinks 0.2 and (1.2 - 1) have different values
sniper          6689: Apache dumps core when loading PHP dynamically
sniper          5084: imap_mail_compose produces a SigSegv
sniper          7670: PHP crashes when accessing IMAP mailbox
hholzgra                7629: Mail() fails when the email message has a "\n"
andrei          8100: extract(), extra feature
danny           6798: IFX queries fail, SQLCODE -480 (dup. descriptors)
jah             6976: ibase_query can't execute SQL statements that can't be prepared
jah             7014: ibase_query (rest of php_interbase.dll?)
jah             9257: Problem with values returned from a select statement
david           6537: mail() does not seem to handle SMTP multi-line responses

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