Hi Joe!
On Sat, 05 May 2001, Joe Brown wrote:

> Is it possible to include www.php.net/bugs.php?id= at the front of these, or
> on a second line trailing each bug listed?
> Would make the list twice as long, but a lot simpler to follow up on, w/mail
> reader that recognises links.
make yourself a script which replaces the bug id with that.
or define a mapping for a reformating key to do it (in ~.vimrc)

map ^[[24~ :/==/,$!awk '{gsub(/^[0-9]+/,"http://www.php.net/bugs.php?id=";
$1,$1);print $0} ' -^M

so if you edit the message with vim and hit f12 you get what you want.

-- teodor

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