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Bug Type: IIS related
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Does the problem persist with PHP 4.0.4pl1 or the latest snapshot from

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[2000-10-16 07:28:56] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This also happens to me with 4.0.2. From the browser, I press the "Refresh" page 
button two or three times quickly. Finally I get this output:

270 (0x0000010e)

and the W3SVC service does not respond to any control signal (stop, start...). In 
fact, the filter for .ASP pages is also stopped. However, static pages (HTML) are 
served normally.

The most strange thing is that after several minutes, the PHP pages are "back". It 
seems an IIS-thread problem, but I can't find any explanation...

The extension DLL's are not relevant, this happens in any case.


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