Stanislav Malyshev wrote:
> JM>> This is not in line with the other is_* functions. To keep in line with
> If you mean ctype functions, I agree - they all should be is*. If you mean
> is_integer type functions - so what? It's not in line also with
> mysql_num_rows function, so? That's just functions from different area,
> and the fact that accidentally they start from the same two letters does
> not change much.

"Accident" generally does not have a good meaning here (AZ,USA)... while we
(PHP) may not have a good naming schema for all functions, I think it is helpful
for the PHP user base to be able to comprehend the use of a function based
on the name.

Hypothetical examples:
xpldl_open() /* Start a new XML based Page Definition Language doc */
xpldl_openf() / * Read a printer language description logic file */

Now, based on what I've seen from Stanislav's code, he's used to this nightmare,
to thousands of include files where *one* typo annhilates an entire compile. But our
users, our base, is not at the level of Stas. Some have never used anything else.
Others came to PHP because it didn't have the [method nightmare|tag bondage|
forced typing] of other languages.

Yes, ctype *could* be prefixed with VGH45i97_*. But it wouldn't be very helpful.

We could prefix ctype with mysql_* names. (Uhm... (So what? *Really?*) Is stas
voting that mysql_is_ctype is a good thing? I really doubt it.)

There's a reason why we don't use a prior name, and it's not because
skilled coders can differentiate between 89DEGU567S_open() and
89D3GU5675_open().. it's because new language adopters *can't*

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