RC>> I find it annoying having to look up reference manuals for every
RC>> function, to figure out whether or not I need to use
RC>> underscores, and if so, where in the function name should they

I repeat: if you never though of any function that detemines if the
character is an alphanumeric character or not, you *HAVE* to look in the
manual, since it could be is_alpha, is_alphanumeric, is_digit_or_letter,
alphanumeric_charater, check_for_alphanumeric and 1001 more variants. If
you *DID* hear about such function, 90% that in your previous, non-PHP
life it was called isalpha. So if you make the name stay as it is, most
chances are you save one manual lookup for experienced user.
So, naming function "isalpha" did not make unwashed user's position worse,
while made experienced user's position better.

RC>> read (and comprehended) more easily, so the purpose of the
RC>> function is less ambiguous. Without them, the name becomes less

Please explain how presense or absense of underscore makes name more or
less ambigious. I'm really lost here.

RC>> Much of the time I already know the function names, I just don't know

Huh? Tell me what function searches ldap database for a string without
looking in the manual? Is it ldap_search? ldap_query? Now how do you get
results? Is is ldap_get_result? ldap_fetch_result? ldap_get_row?
ldap_get_value? ldap_get_values? ldap_read? More guessing? Did you already
look in the manual? I bet you did. And underscores didn't help you.

RC>> uses both mysql and postgres, and it's an ongoing hassle to not only
RC>> switch the family name (pg/mysql), but to also switch out other names
RC>> because of a lack of consistency, and never be quite sure what the
RC>> right thing to do actually is.

So, you propose to name GD functions image_gif instead of ImageGif and
confuse all the users that were so unlucky as to have previous acquitance
with GD?
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