> It HAS to be time for a big tidy up, as it is clearly impossible to 'do
> right thing' under current circumstances.

Problem is, what you see as "untidy" programmers with a background in other
languages and software packages see as "convenient". :-)

For every "newbie" it helps to have consistent
every_word_gets_an_underscore, you quite simply make it equally hard for an
experienced hacker to use PHP.

We've been wrangling over this for months, and we *still* don't have
concensus, really -- Even among the people who agree that, in theory, a
consistent naming scheme (with exceptions) is Good, there isn't concensus on
individual cases in reality.

I don't think there's been a single proposed name change that hasn't been
hotly contested.

Maybe it's time to give this up, and move on to other things.

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