>RFC: what should their names be in 4.0.5?
>  ( ) stay with ctype_alpha() ...
>  (X) switch to ctype_isalpha() ...
>  ( ) switch to ctype_isalpha() ... and have ctype_alpha() aliases
>  ( ) switch to ctype_is_alpha() ...
>  ( ) switch to ctype_is_alpha() ... and have ctype_alpha() aliases
>  (X) have an alias if isalpha()

A heated argument seems to be developing, which IMHO makes no sense when we
are discussing a tiny corner of the language. Yes, function names should be
consistent, however because the current namespace is such a mess it is
impossibly to argue the toss on this issue because all we can do is make the
function name compatible with one (or more) of a range of inconsistent
'standards' throughout the language.

It HAS to be time for a big tidy up, as it is clearly impossible to 'do the
right thing' under current circumstances.

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Dial Solutions
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