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Bug Type: Directory function related
Description: dir() only returns first 6 chars correctly

Hi Jani,

Thanks for the message.  I have not tried that distribution.  It took me many months 
to get a successful install on my irix box and I am a bit reluctant right now to take 
a chance and maybe 'break it'.  8-) The php/mysql system is current running an 
abstract service for a regional chemical conference and I don't want to take a chance 
at making that go down.  8-)  The abstract deadline is the 16th of march and after 
that I feel comfortable enough trying to building a new version on the irix box.  BTW, 
php/mysql has been a great addition to the my uses for chemistry web servers. 

Sorry for asking for help and not being able to try your suggestion until a couple of 

I will try the lasted non-snapshot release as soon as the server is not so critical.  
I am guessing that I could maybe try to build it so that is doesn't write over the 
current working version.  If I can figure that out, I will try to get to that sooner.

Thanks again for the quick resonse!

Previous Comments:

[2001-03-02 09:26:43] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Does this happen with PHP 4.0.4.pl1? 



[2001-03-02 02:41:52] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hi Folks,

I have run into a problem using the dir() function.

The following code behaves properly on linux and does not using irix:

Contents of the dir (only folders) are:


When I execute the following code:

echo ("Dir Path = $dir_path<br>");
$dir = dir(".");
$dir -> rewind();
echo ("file is $file<br>n");
echo ("file is $file<br>n");
echo ("file is $file<br>n");
echo ("file is $file<br>n");

I get the following incorrect results (php 4.0.2, irix 6.5.7)

Dir Path = /Public/Web/db/msds
file is .
file is ..
file is CH104
file is CH105
file is CH120
file is ABCDEF~KL
file is abcdef~kl

So, it appears that if the dir (or file) is less than or equal to 6 char the
dir() function work correctly.  However, if it is longer, the name get

On a redhat linux box (php 4.0.2), it works fine and I get proper dir names. 
This behavior is the same for filenames not just dir names.

I have checked the and email lists without finding information
related to this problem.  Hope I have not missed it some where...

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Full Bug description available at:

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