>I remember there was a patch around for PHP 3.0.x which added some Japanese 
>support functions.
>Anyone know how many Japanese actually used these functions and how many 
>are using Vanilla PHP?

As far as I know,
most of japanese Linux distributions like RedHat-6.2j/7.0j Linux or 
TurboLinux are shiped with japanese localized versions of PHP 3.0.x.

As Mr.Sato said,
it is nesserary to handle three kind of different encoding
set 'shift_jis','euc-jp','iso2022-jp' (or 'utf-8') in japan.

Because the exact encoding is unknown when php parser was started,
automatic encoding renognition and encoding translation are neccessary
in http input (post/get/cookie) parsing process.

I think 'Vanilla' PHP 3/4 is not very useful for japanese.
I know PHP 3 is obsolete now, but so many japanese PHP users
contininue to use japanese localized PHP 3 (e.g. PHP-3.0.18-i18n-ja).

Currently, I am working to make some patch for php4/main/php_variables.c
to add the encoding translation capability using ext/jstring made by 
Mr. Tsukada supporting japanese characters handling functions.

>Does Japanese actually work in a decent way with PHP? From the zillions of 
>Japanese sites I've seen running it I'd guess it works :)

Rui Hirokawa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
maintainer of japanese PHP manual <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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