I am Takuya Tsukada. I wrote of some Japanese module for PHP. 
I would like to commit the Japanese extention to CVS.
So, Will you be able to have me issue a CVS account?

> At 01:10 AM 3/3/2001 +0900, Rui Hirokawa wrote:
> >Currently, I am working to make some patch for php4/main/php_variables.c
> >to add the encoding translation capability using ext/jstring made by
> >Mr. Tsukada supporting japanese characters handling functions.
> Great. Interesting to see what you guys can come up with.
> If your work is extendible to support other languages that have the same 
> problem (there must be others) that would be even better.
> Andi

sender: Tsukada Takuya
town: inaba hizume, Nagano City

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