> Are you sure you're using the php4.0.4pl1 source tarball from
> I just checked that file and it doesn't have any #line directives in it.

> [2001-03-02 14:04:44] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> the following is the second line of the file
[path-to-php]/ext/standard/url_scanner_ex.c :
> #line 1 "/home/sas/src/php4/ext/standard/url_scanner_ex.re"

look in url_scanner_ex.c not in url_scanner_ex.re. at least in latest cvs
there are #line-s. my gcc does like them no matter there is no home/sas -
perhapse rick's is old or something... non-gcc compilers may complain badly
on these also

these are put automaticaly by re2c. it is invoked with full path in make
file, so it generates #line-s with full path.
non-developers really do not need these #line directives and developer will
recreate them by remaking c from re.
so the best solution is to remove #line-s from the c file in cvs.


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