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you can safely remove or comment #line-s and recompile.

eighter you are using solaris native cc or your gcc is too old (not a problem by 

new versions of gcc do not complain on #line with nonexistent path

Previous Comments:

[2001-03-03 16:59:46] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Are you sure you're using the php4.0.4pl1 source tarball from
I just checked that file and it doesn't have any #line directives in it.



[2001-03-02 14:04:44] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
the following is the second line of the file 
[path-to-php]/ext/standard/url_scanner_ex.c :

#line 1 "/home/sas/src/php4/ext/standard/"

the line above and below are comments, and are remarked correctly for a c program with 
/*   and */

unfortunately, the gcc compiler tries to interpret the offending line that begins with 
a shell script comment symbol and pukes upon the encounter.

I'm not a programmer, but when I added the correct comments around the text and ran 
make install again, it finished neatly and without incident.


Rick Dettwyler


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