Hi there

We've the same problem as the guy below descript to you (env: Windows 2000 /
IIS5). We've migrated some projects from php3 to php4. Now, all functions
whit an UNC seams to have problems if they tray to access a file (any
function) on a share (-> UNC). If the file is on a local drive, everything
works fine.

So my actual question is: Because we've more then one customer whit the same
problem (and as it looks we are not the only one) we like to solve the
problem by changing the code. Because none of us has ever been in a PHP
project I ask you if the problem is solvable for someone new in
PHP-source-programming (we've some experience  programmers in C / C++ ).
Probably one of you already knows where the problem is or how it could be
solved, time- or source- amount we need to change? Some hint's, other
persons to talk to  ???


::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::   http://bugs.php.net/bugs.php?id=7401
[2000-10-23 04:14:54] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Our websites are on a central storage unit. We use UNC to access the files
With PHP3 everything worked fine.
Now we're trying to install PHP4 but it seems, that it doesn't like UNC
fileshares. We've
made some testing and the script is executed if it resides on a local drive.
>From the UNC
share, IIS is reporting a CGI Error and if I try to start it directly with
perl.exe from the
command prompt there is no output. The same script on a local drive works.
[2000-10-30 11:30:37] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Can you explain what perl.exe has to do with it?

Dev List:
UNC paths, are they supported?
[2000-10-30 12:29:49] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Stanislav reported:
AFAIK, no. I fear it would be serious PITA to support them too, though I
might be wrong.
If someone who know how UNC pathes behave will look on this, maybe we'll
support them.

Did I say I hate Windows file naming system?

I totally agree with him...

I wanted to change it to feature request, but the bug
system does not allow this.
[2000-10-30 18:35:54] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
reclassified as feature request.


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