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On Tue, 6 Mar 2001, Derick Rethans wrote:

> Hi there
> We've the same problem as the guy below descript to you (env: Windows 2000 /
> IIS5). We've migrated some projects from php3 to php4. Now, all functions
> whit an UNC seams to have problems if they tray to access a file (any
> function) on a share (-> UNC). If the file is on a local drive, everything
> works fine.
> So my actual question is: Because we've more then one customer whit the same
> problem (and as it looks we are not the only one) we like to solve the
> problem by changing the code. Because none of us has ever been in a PHP
> project I ask you if the problem is solvable for someone new in
> PHP-source-programming (we've some experience  programmers in C / C++ ).
> Probably one of you already knows where the problem is or how it could be
> solved, time- or source- amount we need to change? Some hint's, other
> persons to talk to  ???
> Thx
> Martin

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