I'm currently working on the DB project from h*ll.   Why? Because
a lot of the tables of the normalized DB are mapped into objects and
PHP's object support questionable at best.

I've worked around the lack of multiple inheritance, and some of the
other problems.  But the inability to do something as simple as:
object->MethodThatReturnsAnotherObject()->method() is very

I cannot express how error prone it is to have to create tons of
temporary variables.

I can already hear people saying stuff like: "Why don't you use the
attribute (or variable) directly?"

Because in most cases MethodThatReturnsAnotherObject() does work
before it hands me the object, and it's important to my project.

If someone has a good example of an object framework around a
normalized database, I'd love to see it.  Otherwise, can someone
tell me where in the flipping PHP4 code is this limitation coded?

Dislaimer: I'm irrate.  This problem has been grating against me for
4 weeks straight now.

I have a bug entered into the bug database:

I'd be happy to fix it if someone can point me to the right place.


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