We are aware of this limitation. I am trying to think of a good way to 
solve this and it isn't trivial. I'll try and come up with something.


At 02:41 PM 3/6/2001 -0600, The Doctor What wrote:
>I'm currently working on the DB project from h*ll.   Why? Because
>a lot of the tables of the normalized DB are mapped into objects and
>PHP's object support questionable at best.
>I've worked around the lack of multiple inheritance, and some of the
>other problems.  But the inability to do something as simple as:
>object->MethodThatReturnsAnotherObject()->method() is very
>I cannot express how error prone it is to have to create tons of
>temporary variables.
>I can already hear people saying stuff like: "Why don't you use the
>attribute (or variable) directly?"
>Because in most cases MethodThatReturnsAnotherObject() does work
>before it hands me the object, and it's important to my project.
>If someone has a good example of an object framework around a
>normalized database, I'd love to see it.  Otherwise, can someone
>tell me where in the flipping PHP4 code is this limitation coded?
>Dislaimer: I'm irrate.  This problem has been grating against me for
>4 weeks straight now.
>I have a bug entered into the bug database:
>I'd be happy to fix it if someone can point me to the right place.
>installs Windows NT!"
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