I've discovered something very interesting: 

perhaps you already know that using PHP + IIS in ISAPI mode is not recommended, 
because of the: "PHP has encountered an Access Violation at 73342C83" and so errors. 

So CGI use is recommended. But I have found that this happens whenever I make a MSSQL 

If I run a script with no queries, it works fine, and no matter how much I bash the 
server, no crashes. Now, I tried to do the same with Oracle8i. Using php_oci8 module, 
I made a query: and  it never crashes even if I bash the server with many requests!!! 
(this sadly makes scripts using MSSQL crash miserably). Now: could it be that, for 
some reason, the code of php_mssql has reentrancy problems with multiple server 

Maybe we could test some other modules (php_odbc or other DB modules) looking for the 
same problem? I find this issue important, because many people (including me) are 
expectant about using PHP as an ISAPI filter. The performance boost is very important 
to be looked upon, and this clearly prevents people from running heavily loaded 
production websites with NT+IIS. 

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