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Couple stupid questions.

1) When you compiled PHP, did you just use --with-mysql instead of 

2) Does the mysql command line tool connect? i.e. mysql -u ceres -pxxxx ceres_test


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[2001-03-07 09:34:33] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
MySQL: 3.22.32-beta
Apache: 1.3.14

MySQL is connecting to the wrong database:

I have two databases:


The ceres database is the live database and the user "ceres" is granted permissions on 

The ceres_test database is a database that is identical, but I use for testing 

The mysql user "ceresdb" has permissions to access the "ceres" database ONLY.

However, if I execute:

mysql_pconnect("localhost","ceresdb", "password");

It actually connects to the "ceres" database instead. I should have recieved and error 
that it was unable to connect.

We have verified this several ways.

Also, if I change the username/password to the root user or a user that has 
permissions on ALL databases, it works fine.


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