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Can anybody else comment on this?  All the machines I use have newer versions of both 
MySQL and PHP.  They also work for this situation.

You may still want to try the --with-mysql=/path/to/mysql recompile if you can, and 
while you are recompiling grab the latest snapshot of PHP from


Previous Comments:

[2001-03-07 12:13:05] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
The grant tables are fine. Perhaps we misunderstood ourselves.

If I use "mysql" to connect to the live database using a user name and password that 
is in the grant tables, it works fine.

If I use "mysql" to connect to the test database using a user name and password that 
DOES NOT HAVE PRIVILEGES to this database, authentication fails, as it should.

If I use PHP to connect to the live database using a user name and password that is in 
the grant tables, it works fine.

If I use PHP to connect to the test database using the SAME user name and password 
that works for the live database, it connects to the LIVE database instead of the test 

We found this by accident when setting up a test web site that duplicates a live site. 
When I changed the database name in the connection object, it didn't fail, it just 
connected to the live database.


[2001-03-07 10:59:54] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I just used --with-mysql


ERROR 1045: Access denied for user: 'ceresdb@localhost' (Using password:

When executing the mysql command from a bash shell.



[2001-03-07 10:59:01] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Please use the bug system when replying.  Thanx.

Well it looks like you don't have the Grant Tables setup properly OR you didn't flush 
them after changing them.

Do a `mysqladmin reload` and try again, if it still doesn't connect then you need to 
fix your grant tables.

See for information on how to do this.

I haven't seen it cause any problems, but just to be safe you should recompile PHP 
using --with-mysql=/path/to/mysql so PHP is aware of what version you are actually 

If for some reason your grant tables are not the problem simply reopen this report.



[2001-03-07 10:45:31] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Couple stupid questions.

1) When you compiled PHP, did you just use --with-mysql instead of 

2) Does the mysql command line tool connect? i.e. mysql -u ceres -pxxxx ceres_test



[2001-03-07 09:34:33] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
MySQL: 3.22.32-beta
Apache: 1.3.14

MySQL is connecting to the wrong database:

I have two databases:


The ceres database is the live database and the user "ceres" is granted permissions on 

The ceres_test database is a database that is identical, but I use for testing 

The mysql user "ceresdb" has permissions to access the "ceres" database ONLY.

However, if I execute:

mysql_pconnect("localhost","ceresdb", "password");

It actually connects to the "ceres" database instead. I should have recieved and error 
that it was unable to connect.

We have verified this several ways.

Also, if I change the username/password to the root user or a user that has 
permissions on ALL databases, it works fine.


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