At 12:56 AM 3/10/2001 +0100, André Langhorst wrote:
>1) I am currently completing the php documentation to cover all 
>undocumented features and I have noticed that using a static method call 
>to the same class from on instanciated object exhibits the presence of the 
>instance within the static call

There are no static functions in PHP. This syntax is used to call a method 
of the parent. It can be used to call other methods and thus have the wrong 
$this but I wouldn't document it.
In general, I think it's a bad idea to document undocumented features 
because some of them aren't meant for people to use. The behavior might 
change in the future.
Best if you make a list of the things you want to document and we'll tell 
you if they are a side-effect, a feature for backwards compatibility but 
people shouldn't use it anymore or valid behavior.

>2) If you uncomment the marked line, you will get an error without any 

I'll look at this tomorrow. Don't have time right now.


>I guess these are bugs, aren't they?
>class foo {
>     function moo()  {
>         // $this->boo=2; // try to remove the comments
>         print '$this is ';
>         if (!isset($this)) {
>             print 'not set';
>             foo::zoo();
>         } else {
>             print 'set';
>             $this->zoo();
>             foo::zoo();
>         }
>     }
>     function zoo()  {
>         print '<br>'.'I have been called '.(!isset($this) ? 
> 'statically':'via $this->zoo()');
>         var_dump($this);
>         }
>$s=new foo();
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