> I still don't understand what the problem is? What should be documented 
> is the right way to use these calls.

problem 1 : how do I call the "::" operator and how do I call what it 
does if it is no static call.

problem 2 : the "bug" with incorrect $this I mentioned, it is at least 
unexcpected and should be documented (that you can't rely on $this using 
"::" ) but since no one likes undefined behaviour it would be fine to 
see it fixed - my opinion is that using "::" $this should never be set 
to anything...

> PEAR relies on the $this being correct even when you call a method which 
> is not in the current class or in one of its parent classes?

no, it simply uses "::" that is an undocumented feature

> Where can I see the documentation? (Any chance you can send it here to 
> save me the time? :).
> We just need to be sure we don't document things which aren't 
> necessarily supposed to work.



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