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Status: Closed
Bug Type: Reproduceable crash
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No feedback.


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[2001-01-24 19:32:06] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This (XML related) bug should be fixed in CVS already. Please try the binaries
found at



[2001-01-11 15:06:51] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
can you please append some *short* reproducing code?
i tested file() with a file greater than 100k and it didn't crash.


[2001-01-10 21:05:56] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Loading array via file(). File is 4Mb of text. Bang, PHP died.

I increased PHP memory from 8 MB to 20 Mb but did not fix it. I cut the file down to 
about 10Kb but that did not fix it. When I comment out the line containing file(), 
that removes the problem.

I thought it might not be file(), it might be any part of the code that uses the array 
so I commented out file() and inserted statements that manually load the array with 
data. The script ran to completion using the manual array.

gdb backtrace is gobbledygook to me. I am reading your documentation page to see if 
any of it is relevant to Windows environment. If your page helps me change my php 
setup to produce additional diagnostics, I will add them to this report.

Apache is the latest Apache 1.14 or something from about 3 weeks ago. PHP is PHP 4.0.4 
from the large download file. NT 4.0 SP6a running without a hitch for 6 months. The 
code I am working on was working in the middle of last year on a PHP3 downloaded in 
the middle of last year.


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