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No feedback.

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[2001-01-04 05:08:53] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Do you use PHP as CGI or module? IIRC you can't use stripslashes($bild) in the module 
version on Win32.
Instead you have to access directly to $bild.



[2001-01-02 15:18:04] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I have problems with fileupload with the new version (4.04).
With the old version ( 3.x) all worked fine.

Look at this:
$smallpic = stripslashes($bild);
                  if ((file_Exists($smallpic)) AND (!($smallpic=="")))
                   $fp = fopen($smallpic,  "r");
                   $datei = fread($fp, filesize($smallpic));
                   $smallname = $id."bild.jpg";
                   $fp = fopen("$bildpfad$smallname", "w+");
                   fwrite($fp, "$datei");
                  } else $smallname="";

Normally, in $smallname should be the correct filename
from the uploaded pic - but it's empty. It's empty, 
because the file does not exists.
In $smallname I have something like
"c:tempphp9005.TMP"    - but I think this is incorrect.

Well - with the old version (3.x) it worked fine.



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