On Sun, 11 Mar 2001, Lars Torben Wilson wrote:

>Now, it's Sunday morning, I just crawled out of my nice warm bed, and
>I haven't finished my first cup of bad coffee yet--but if

Have that cup of coffee first.. :)

>  Duplicate == Repeated information, and
>  Repeated Information == Useless Bug Report, and
>  Useless Bug Report == Bogus,

This is why I added the bogus status. Duplicate != useless.
Sometimes duplicates add more info to the original report,
e.g. better gdb backtraces.

>does not, therefore:
>  Duplicate == Bogus?
>And both Duplicate and Bogus mean that the bug report is dead and
>shouldn't be touched (I tend to agree with Stas on this one):

Duplicate: Same bug but from different submitter.
           They have also the right to know if bug is fixed.

Bogus    : e.g. A report submitted (accidently) twice. Or some
           empty report without enough info..spam..etc.

>Just wondering...and this is just an addled early-morning
>thought...what would be the downside of have a very simple Open/Closed
>flag field for each report, along with a status modifier field of
>Duplicate, Analyzed, Bogus, etc.

Well..we are currently designing the new bug system. And it will
be more powerful than the current one. And it'll be much easier
to modify and add new features than the current one is.. :)


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